Role of “Pandits” in Hinduism

Poti Padh padh Jag Mua, Pandit Bhaya Na koye

Dhai Aakhar Prem Ka, Padhe so Pandit Hoye


The meaning of the above stated phrase is that, though being simplest in (concept). It is one of the difficult things in (practice).

A Pandit or Purohit is someone who is an expertise in Vedas, vedic scriptures and particularly skilled in Sanskrit language.

Most of them would have received Vedic education from a renowned Guru or gurukul or has been tutored under a Vedic-guru-shishya tradition.

The English enunciation of the name “Pandit” broadly refers to any of the following:

Siddhas, Siddhars, Naths,Ascetics,Sadhus or Yogis.

There are a number of Veda Patasala’s in India imparting knowledge on Vedas and few other universities to reckon, is Lal bahadur Sanskrit university offering karma kandya courses.

Some of the course schedules would be as follows:

  • Sanskrit – Prathama ( Fist course to bridge between your mother tongue and Sanskrit) Can Talk and understand.
    Sanskrit- Dwitiya ( little deeper in to Sanskrit, Can write small Essays)
    Sanskrit – Madhyama ( much deeper can compile better literature)
    Sanskrit – Kavya – Study of literature and gives full holdAlternatively instead of Sanskrith Madhyama and Sanskrit Kavya, you can start learning Sanskrit Chants and verses.If you are not keen on Certification, you can go for age old method of staying at a priest home and learn with him.
  • Hindu religion/music/philosophy – A purohith, must also have mastered in the sectors of Hindu rites, rituals, music, and philosophy and in performing “yajnas”.
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“In a world where hatred is the norm, spread love,

In a world where killing is the norm, save life

Then even God cannot beat you in any Panditism”.

Sometimes, certifications would also add up to your qualification as a pandit thus providing you an opportunity to render your Vedic service.

Due to technological advancements and in the midst of hustle and bustle city life, there is dearth of pandit’s today.

Today is hiring pandit’s online where they would need to register their qualification details and a be a part of this service online besides serving as an offline store for procuring online puja kits and divine gifts.

Thus hurry up and avail this online pandit service, which is just a call away.

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