5 Must Have Items for a Janmastami Puja at Your Home


Janmastami or the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna is celebrated with great vigour and fervour all across the Indian subcontinent. Almost every household ensures the fact that the puja and all its rituals are carried out with great divinity. Working individuals who do not find much time to go out and get all the required things arranged, are aided by some of the best online web portals like Pujashoppe for the purpose. You can conveniently order decorative things like a Bhagwan Mukut online and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

Essentialities of a Janmastami puja

Talking of the puja that is carried out, let us take a quick peek at a few essential things that are required during the Janmastami puja back at home.

The Padhya – The Padhya is basically the utensil in which the feet of the lord is washed right before the puja begins. It forms a vital part of the puja items that are required.

Aasan – The figurine of Lord Krishna is necessarily placed on an aasan or the royal seat and decorated with jewels and various flowers to add to the look of it. All other puja accessories are places around the aasan before the beginning of the puja.

Panchamrita – A panchamrita is made out of a mixture of curd, ghee, milk, ghee and honey with sugar being an optional ingredient added to it at times. This mixture is them offered to the deity as a prasad during the puja. It is later offered to the devotees after the puja gets over.

Snaniya – Snaniya is the mixture of water, itar, milk along with a few other necessary products that is used to bathe Shri Krishna right before the beginning of the puja.

Flowers – There is no denying the fact that flowers are necessarily an indispensable part of any puja. In fact, none of the pujas can actually be carried out without the presence of flowers.

There are several other divine accessories that are required to get a Janmastami puja completed. Pujashoppe is your own online puja samagri store that helps you buy a quality bal gopal murti online at just the right price and get your puja done. Divinity is after all the path to inner peace!

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