8 Important Features Which Bring Completeness to a Navaratri Puja Thali

Navaratri puja kit

Navaratri is the richest Hindu festivity in India and is celebrated by people with unmatched enthusiasm and exquisite decoration. Goddess Durga is worshipped in her nine forms within nine nights and ten days by people throughout India with the deepest devotion by arranging beautifully decorated puja thalis. Nowadays, various online puja essential organizations are offering impeccably decorated online puja Thali to ensure easy availability of the particular puja essential and to reduce time and effort of people in accomplishing the necessary arrangement. They are indispensable for successfully accomplishing Navaratri puja and achieve the invaluable blessings of Goddess Durga.

The most neatly arranged puja thali exhibits the following features

  • Small idol of Goddess Durga – A small Durga idol is the most striking constituent. It can be placed at the central area of the item. The idol may be of brass, gold, silver or any other metal.
  • Use of bright colours – The item must be designed with bright colours to make it attractive. Green and red are two most recommended colours for decoration. Dull colours are unfavourable for puja presentation.
  • Silver containers – The item may be decorated with a number of silver containers across its circumference to enrich the embellishment. These silver containers may contain any important puja essential in liquid or powder form.
  • Decoration with fascinating flowers – Beautiful flowers greatly add to the decoration of the item. Marigold is the most preferable flower for accomplishing thali decoration.
  • Addition of betel leaves – Betel leaves are a fabulous decoration item. Different marvelous arrangements can be made using these betel leaves. Arrangement of betel leaves one above another is an excellent way of decorating the item.
  • Placement of Shells – Shells are another important decoration item. A number of shells can be placed on either side of a betel leaf to form an exquisite design, very pleasing to the eye.
  • Copper body – Nowadays, a remarkable percentage of these items are made of Copper. They are easy to use because of their low weight and great durability. Worshiping is made almost effortless by the items made of Copper.
  • Small lamp –A small earthen lamp can be placed on it if its size is big. This will make the puja thali ready for performing devotional aarti.

Arranging a Navaratri puja thali to perfection needs time and patience for an individual. It also requires strong knowledge on Navaratri puja essentials. If you have a hectic work schedule or you do not have adequate knowledge about Navaratri puja essentials, you may buy it online to accomplish your Navaratri worship. Pujashoppe is a highly recommended online shopping destination to buy exquisite Navaratri puja thali online at low prices. It offers a marvelous Navaratri puja kit collection.

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