8 things about Tirupati Balaji You May Not have known

8 things about Tirupati Balaji You May Not have known
Balaji , a name for Lord Vishnu, is popularly perceived to be a giver of wealth and success. May be that’s the reason it is the most favorite shrine not just for common man but for celebrities as well. Sri Venkateshwara Swami temple commonly known as Tirupati Balaji is one of the most famous landmarks of the world situated on the hills of Tirumala in the Chittoor district of Andha Pradesh, India. Tirupati Balaji is the richest temple on the earth with gaining overwhelming contributions and donations from the public; it is the most celebrated pilgrim destination visited by the greatest number of people on any given day.

This sacred shrine has many hidden secrets that make this temple one of kind. Let’s check out 8 fascinating and surprising facts that keep on attracting large number of devotees from around the world.

1- Legend behind the richest temple of the world

According to hindu mythology the legend says, Lord Balaji took a huge loan from “Kuber” God of Wealth for his marriage with Devi Padmavati. It is believed that in order to pay back the loan, devotees from all over the world visit the shrine and donate money. The temple receives nearly 23 million amount of donation a day. There is another ritual of donating hair that generates income for the ‘Mandir’. Over a ton of hair daily is collected by the temple organization and sell them to international organization. The hair is used in cosmetics and extension which add another 6 million in the treasure of the temple. So, if you wish to be wealthy and successful you need to donate something and in return Balaji would make your every wish come true.

2-Tradition of applying chandan on Balaji Chin-

There is stick at the right side of the entrance of the main door, which is used by Ananthaaivar, It is said that in childhood Lord Venkateshwara Swamy hit by Ananthaaivar resulting injured chin that oozed blood. Since then the tradition of applying sandalwood to his chin came into existence. Every day devotees bring pure chandan in their pooja essentials and apply that sandalwood to the chin of the Balaji. Sandalwood is known to have healing properties in it. Do not forget to carry Sandalwood along when you visit the holy shrine of Tirupati Balaji.
In case if you have Tirupati Balaji Idol or Tirupati Balaji Photo Frame in your home, apply sandalwood to the chin of the god while worshipping the Almighty.

3-Mysterious Village

The flowers that are used to worship this Almighty God are known to be brought from a sacred village which is forbidden for outsiders, as the women’s of that village are known for not wearing any blouse. The Village has a garden of flowers from where the flowers are fetched and used in at the sanctum of the Lord Venkateswara Swamy. Not Just flowers, items like Milk, Ghee, Butter and all others used for the worship of the lord are brought just from this village only.

4- Arch entrance of Trimulla hills is a unique distinction

Natural arch, Tirumala Hills is a unique geographical marvel situated one kilometere north of tirumala hills temple. The Arch is also acknowledged as Silathoranam. Arch measures 8 kilometers in width and 3metres in tall. It is one of the few natural arches in Asia. The arch denotes the hood of Serpent, a conch and considered to be the source of Lord Vankateshwar. Surprisingly the main Diety in Trimula temples is as tall as the height of the Arch.

5- No wakeup call for Balaji during the month of December and January.

It is believed that during the month of December and January, Balaji doesn’t sleep at all. At that period of time the Mandir priest does not perform Suprabhatam chanting to wake up the lord.

6-Lord Vankateshwar Swamy has real hair.

It is also believed that the Idol of Lord Venkateshwara Swamy has real lock of hair and is rumored to remain naturally untangled. When Balaji lost the small portion of hair after being hit by shepherd, Nila Devi a Gandharva princess cut a portion of her hair and implanted on his scalp. Impressed by this gesture Lord Balaji blessed her that all his devotees who would come to his shrine and offer his hair to him, she would be the recipient of all the hair received.

7- Tirupati Balaji has no weapon in Hand

Normally any Hindu God idol in Sathvik shanthi postures is represented with at least one Weapon in hand. But, the idol of Tirupati balaji carries no weapon. According to Ancient literature he is termed as Verungai Vedan, a hunter without any arms in hand.

8- Mystical Waterfall behind Lord Balaji Idol

It is very hard to believe that there is a waterfall behind Lord Balaji Idol. One can hear the sound of the roaring ocean by placing an ear on the back of Lord’s idol. All the flowers that are used to worship Swamy Vanketshawar are thrown in the same waterfall.

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