A Royal Touch Enhancing Divinity in Ratha Yatra through the Years


The auspicious day of Ratha yatra commences with the devotees of the Lord getting up right in the early hours of the day. The first prayers of the day are generally offered by the followers within their residential premises itself. It is only after this that they head towards the Jagannath temple to offer prayers. The availability of an Essential Puja Kit Online via some of the best online puja portals like Pujashoppe has helped the common masses get hold of all the necessary products that are required to carry out the puja.

The royal rituals dispersed by the King of Puri

The prime motive behind the rituals that are conducted during the Ratha yatra is to bring upon the realisation that God shares a close bonding with his followers on earth. It signifies that all devotees are equal when it comes to worshipping the divine power. With the three majestic chariots being brought out on the streets, individuals belonging to the Chandravanshi dynasty are the only ones who are entitled with the privilege to touch the idols, since they belong to the same dynasty as that of Krishna. Thus the only people who get to touch the idols are the King of Nepal and the King of Puri himself. The monarch embarks the chariot of Lord Jagannath and cleans the adjoining area along with the streets with a broom fitted with a golden handle. This signifies the beginning of the religious rituals that are to be carried out.

Word of mouth pertaining to the ceremony

Common belief has it that Lord Jagannath shared a relationship of incest with Subhadra. The relationship did invoke a lot of negativity among the masses. It is due to this that the entire ceremony is celebrated as a symbolic gesture to bring down the ruler of the Universe from his divine pedestal and give him a more humane structure.

Rath yatra has gained a majestic stature with it being counted among one of the largest festivals. The streets are decked up with the laughter and ecstasy of the commoners along with children pulling miniature versions of the chariots. Getting hold of the best kind of Puja Sringar Accessories in India has now become a matter of great convenience owing to the increase in effectual web portals. A little bit of added homework will help you avail the right option when it comes to an error free ritual.

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