Akshaya Tritiya Puja – Get fulfilled all your wishes

puja items online storesAs we know that Hindus celebrates many festivals and Akshaya Tritiya Puja is one of the most auspicious ones among the Hindus. The day is considered to be so auspicious that on this day people considered to start up new things or buy new things. Also, there are many households where on this day traditional ceremonies were also performed. The literally meaning of the word “Akshaya” is indestructible. Thus, because of this particular reason, this day is considered as auspicious and it is believed that investing anything on this day is highly appreciable. As per the Hindu Lunar Calendar, this day is celebrated on the third day of Shukla Paksha and it is generally held in the month of Vaisakh. Also, this particular date or day is considered to be very auspicious for marriages apart from beginning something new. Many people on this day choose to buy jewellery made of gold and also diamond because this day is the best date when both the sun and the moon placed together perfectly.

Why is Akshaya Tritiya celebrated?

As per the Hindu tradition, there are several legends included in the making of this auspicious day. The most important person who is associated with this auspicious day is known as Krishna and Kuchela. Krishna and Kuchela both know each other since the time of school and Kuchela once went to lord Krishna to ask for financial assistance. As Lord Krishna loves to eat Poha, so Kuchela took a handful of that for Lord Krishna. But, when he reached to the palace he found that Lord Krishna resides in a grand palace and in that palace wealth is enormous. So, he felt embarrassed with a small quantity of food but Lord Krishna certainly accepted the gift from his friend and ate it. When Kuchela returned back to his home he found that his old hut turned to a big royal palace and his family was wearing new clothes. At that moment of time, Kuchela understood that Lord Krishna blessed him with all these gifts and from that day onwards every year this auspicious day is celebrated.


There is different kind of ways Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated all over India.

Puja – On this day many people perform Lakshmi and Ganesha puja and all the families take part in this puja. As the puja is performed in a grand way so people can buy online puja samagri which can make their work easier.

The vital puja and prayers are also dedicated to Lord Vishnu as well as Goddess Lakshmi. As you need lots of puja samagri on this day so you can buy puja items online stores. Also, in many households, Vishnu puja is done in the morning by offering flowers as well as Tulsi leaves.

Investing in Gold – Most of the people considered this day to be auspicious so they invest in buying gold. Purchasing gold on this day considered to bring prosperity and peace.

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