All You Need to Know About Guru Ravidas Jayanti

guru ravidas jayantiMany people perform a puja on the auspicious day of Guru Ravidas Jayanti. They do their puja shopping online as well as from the market to worship the Guru.

Guru Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of the birthday of Guru Ravidas. He was a well-known saint who was born on the full moon day in February. He was also named as Rohidas, Raidas, and Ruhidas. His teachings during the fifteenth century was attained by most of the people from all over India. His devotional words, verses, and songs made a long-lasting impression on the minds of the people in the bhakti movement. Today, many people also celebrate his birthday ( the full moon day ) by performing a puja to remember him and worship him. They do puja shopping online and from the market to make the arrangements for the puja.

Some of the Interesting Facts about Guru Ravidas are here:-

  • You must know that forty-one devotional poems and songs are there in the scriptures of the Sikh religion.
  • Meera Bai considered this Saint as her spiritual Guru.
  • His teachings are now the basis of Ravidassia religion.
  • In order to mark the birthday of this Saint, possessions are seen in the streets holding his portrait. On this day, these possessions become the focal point of everyone.
  • Sikh scriptures are read out and prayers and mantras are chanted in the temples and household pujas devoting to Guru Ravidas. People Buy Puja Accessories Online and from the market stores to make the arrangements for the puja at home or at the temples.

What Is the Significance of Guru Ravidas Jayanti?

Guru Ravidas was devoted to Lord Rama and Lord Vishnu. His popular dohas and sayings are still used by his devotees during the puja. This auspicious day is celebrated with lots of zeal all over the country. Along with performing puja, many people also arrange for a satsang based on the works and thoughts of Guru Ravidas. The devotees offer flowers to the Saint on the eve of his birthday. His followers celebrate this day with vigour and dedication towards him and his thoughts. Thousands of pilgrims come together at the birthplace of the Guru at Varanasi to show their devotion and to pray to him. Akhand path is read on this day at his birthplace. A special kirtan and aarti is also performed to remember him.

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