All You Need to Know About Lohri Celebration: Ritual & Significance

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Lohri marks the end of the harvest season and people residing in Punjab celebrate it with much aplomb and excitement. Lohri falls in the month of January every year and everyone celebrates this occasion on the night prior to Makar Sankranti. Before you indulge in celebrating the auspicious occasion of Lohri, check all your arrangements. Shop for puja samagri online such that you do not forget any essential puja thali items on the day of the puja. 

Lohri preparations begin a few days before as everyone participating in the ritual engages in collecting twigs and branches for setting up the bonfire. As sunset approaches on the day of the celebration, the bonfire is lit and men, women, and children dance, sing melodious Lohri songs. 

1. Religious Fact About Lohri:-

  • According to Hindu scriptures, the coldest time of the season, Pausha month marks the end of the year. This is the exact time when the Earth begins its journey towards the Sun. There is a mention in the Bhagwat Gita. Lord Krishna reveals his divine power and complete identity in the period of Lohri.
  • A day after this, Makar Sankranti celebrations are in full swing and devotees take a bath in the Ganges to get rid of all sins.  

2.What Is the Importance of the Bonfire In the Lohri Festival?

  • Foods like Gajak, til ki chikki, jaggery go into the bonfire as offerings.  Offering food items to the God of Fire reduces the sins and washes away all the negativities. It also helps in cleansing the body from impurities that adversely affects the body as well as mind. According to Hindu Shastra Fire is a sacred element that chastises and purges the soul and brings prosperity. Offering food to Lord Agni is customary in this ritual and devotees to pray to him with premium quality puja kits and divine gifts to seek his blessings.
  • Lohri marks the New Year for the Punjabi farmers. They too indulge in worshipping Lord Agni for showering his blessing on their agricultural land such that there is an abundance of good harvest the coming year. Most of them chant one following mantra which is: “Aadar aye Dilather Jaye”. It means, ‘‘Let honor come and poverty vanish.’’ Also, most farmers consider Lohri at the beginning of the next financial year. 

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