All You Need To Know About Telugu & Kannada New Year: Ugadi Festival


The Ugadi day is highly pious for starting new ventures, constructing homes & signing important deals. Shop puja samagris for a divine start to the New year.

India is a diverse country where people of various religions and cultural backgrounds reside. This paves way for different festivals and occasions that everyone celebrates in high spirit. As the month of April commences, you get to witness the country getting decked with regional New Year decorations. Ugadi festival marks the New Year of the people of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana. Just as we take the name of the Lord before starting anything new, similarly the New Year starts with devotional prayers. It is a solemn request to the Almighty to thank the year gone by and requesting him to make the year ahead peaceful. Thus devotees arrange puja samagri and puja thali items to invoke the divine spirits to grant blessings. 

Derived from a Sanskrit word- Yuga means age and Adi means beginning. Thus, it means the beginning of the new age. The first day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month of April is the actual day of Ugadi celebrations. The lunisolar calendar takes into account the position of the Sun and the Moon to divide the year into months and days. For those who have no idea about this festival, we will give you a brief account in the next section. 

Some Interesting Facts About The Festival Of Ugadi:

Let your New year begin in a positive, happy, and divine manner with spiritual frames, premium puja saman. Here are some of the most important rituals of the Ugadi festival:

  • The beginning of Ugadi goes centuries back when Lord Brahma created the universe. Historical records suggest that on the day of the festival the universe came into existence. 
  • Also Ugadi festival showcases the gratitude of people towards nature for providing them everything. From food to shelter and resources, living beings got numerous benefits from nature and thus, it is their duty to thank Mother Nature. 
  • The symbols of color and love are vibrant during the festival of Ugadi. The citizens of Southern India welcome the Spring season with the Ugadi festival. There is a lot of excitement and merry-making. 
  • The day is all about celebrating it with near and dear ones. Everyone visits their relatives, enjoys an eventful day, has good food, and wishes each other a good start to a positive year. 

No matter how fast life becomes or what level of success you achieve, our heritage and devotion will bind us to our roots. You need to keep your faith in the Lord always and pray to him with divine gifts to start a new chapter in your life on this auspicious Ugadi festival. So, start your preparations for the festival with PujaShoppe. You can indulge in Puja samagri online shopping from this brand as their quality products surpass others in the market. 

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