All You Need To Know About the Agarbatti Making Business In India


A common samagri for establishing a connection with the Almighty, agarbatti, & dhoops form the basis of Indian culture. Buy puja items, premium puja kits online at affordable prices.

India is the world’s leading country to produce incense sticks or agarbattis. Even Western countries are also buying agarbatti sticks from Indian-based companies.  Puja samagri shopping has always been a common affair and you will always find packets of agarbattis in every order. For Hindus, lighting an agarbatti has symbolic importance and also, it has always been an important part of our tradition.

1. Significance Of Agarbattis In Different Pursuits:-

  • As early as 600 BCE, the mention of agarbattis has been in the Rig and Atharva Vedas. According to traditions and beliefs awakening the Gods and Goddesses form the very basis of beginning the worshipping. This is where agarbattis, puja kits, and also, puja thali items are important. 
  • Today you can buy incense sticks that are naturally made from flowers, seeds, oils, herbs, and sandalwood. As the religion is sunk in honoring sacrifices, the part played by an incense stick is the same. It burns itself completely for the betterment of the premises around it. Also, it helps to connect the mortals with the divine that grants spiritual bliss. 
  • Apart from religious endeavors, today agarbattis and dhoops find wide usage in aromatherapy and also, meditation. The natural fragrance helps to calm the mind, removes stress and also, anxieties. It also has healing properties that are soothing which has a profound effect on the devotee’s mind. 

2. Agarbatti Making: The Business Side Of It:-

  • The agarbatti industry has become a significant business in India. It earlier started as a family business but now the government recognized it as a cottage industry. It is a labor-oriented industry that provides jobs to numerous people, nearly 2 million, including women. 
  • Women workers constitute almost eighty percent of the workforce. They help in bamboo processing, agarbatti rolling along the packaging industry. According to a recent survey, it came to the limelight that approximately 72% of women migrated from rural areas to cities in search of job opportunities. And the spiritual and religious industry has been a blessing in disguise for them, especially agarbatti making.  With the workforce ever-increasing, it proves that agarbattis have tremendous use in all spheres of life. 

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