Arranging Special Chants and Devotion towards Kamakhya Devi


You people are pretty much aware of seeing the title on what my current post will emphasise. Okay, apparently I provided some hints on what I am going to explore on this post. I am straight away indulging myself on understanding how the Devi has managed to step in beautifying the lives of her thousands fiend. To these aficionados, who are also blessed with the plexus of science would Buy Puja Items by using the e-commerce sites or mobile apps obviously.

The Kamrup Kamakhya, once a young bride to Shiva as prescribed on the Kalika Purana. Also, the name Kamrup itself states to define all the desires that living bodies have in contributing to the process of reproduction. One of the natural and cyclical processes of existence on earth, the Yogini Tantra mentioned this temple known for its presences of the Vagina of Devi Shakti. It is from here the origin of Kirata was formed in life.

1. Marking with The Prayers:

The holy prayers have their supreme direction when the entrance is moving slowly towards the semi-dark sanctum Santorum, depicting the images of the gods on the walls. There is a throne on which the images of the Goddess are kept and the devotees are allowed to take the path following a narrow alley behind it. After reaching inside, the stairs took us to a small pool, used as the puja jol, a holy substance for worship. It is from here the woven covered in red cloth could be seen.
Generally, the rituals are performed until the sunset from 8am after a small lunch break of 1.30pm. Significantly, the worship of the female deity is symbolic to the Assamese, where people are found to practice both the non-elemental stuff of the Aryans and the ones on which they faith.

2. Directing the Devotees through the Power of Shakti:

After making a visit to the temple and offering the special Puja arrangements, it is time to trace what the Goddess is renowned for bringing in the lives of humankind. As I did mention the womb represented as the main source of living on earth out of women, the Devi is believed to have been bleeding out of her menstruation cycle in the year of June or Ashaad. The temple also gives the annual fertility festival a particular name as the Ambuwasi Puja. Hence, women, especially young girl attaining their age of puberty may visit the Goddess to solve their menstruation problems.

3. Turn the Water Red:

The Shakti has significant power of turning the Brahmaputra river into red with her feminine periodicals. However there is no science behind this and thus no logic but a talk suggesting the priests put vermillion on the water making it red. This causes the temple to remain close for 3days and making a pivotal sign for the Tantriks. Nowadays many are fetching an Online Mata Idol to offer their prayers in isolation. Lasting the temple bear the message of taking care of womanhood to every living organism out of the creativity of life is formed.

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