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Why People Love to Purchase Pooja Items Online?

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People now in India loves to do pooja items online purchase that can be offered to the deity as well. Pooja definitely is a pivotal part of any Hindu religion and it is celebrated throughout the year. Many people live in the place where it becomes difficult to find each and every puja items properly. Thus, in those areas, it becomes really a problematic situation from buying all puja materials from a single retailer. It is very important that while conducting the puja all the materials must be present. A priest while performing the puja always ensures that all the puja essentials must be present otherwise incompletion of puja essentials might keep the puja incomplete. Continue reading Why People Love to Purchase Pooja Items Online?

Sudarshan Homam-Procedure, Benefits and When To Perform

The word Sudarshan is made from ‘Su’– Correct or ‘darshana’ means Vision. It is also known as ‘Vision of which is Auspicious’. Sudarshan is another name used for Lord Vishnu’s wheel who used to destroy enemies with his weapons. Lord Vishnu used this weapon in his right hand and use it to protect the universe from any harmful activity. Lord Vishnu is the supreme God who helps to live life in a right way by eliminating all kinds of perils and obstructions. Homam enhances the capabilities of a person to overcome karmic, financial and health problems. It will also help you get relief from the negative effects caused due to an erroneous combination of planets in a horoscope. It ensures security by removing negative forces from your life. This chakra is believed to be 100 times more powerful than the radiance of the Sun. It is the most powerful protective factor for people who follows Dharam and the Lord. Continue reading Sudarshan Homam-Procedure, Benefits and When To Perform

Discover the Rituals to Perform Shiv Puja at Your House

Shiv Puja at homeShiva the God who is known as a creator as well as destroyer is the only sole trinity in the entire Hindu culture. He puts an end in all mortal life. Due to this reason during any Hindu cremation it is important to keep a statue of Lord Shiva. Most of the people do Shiv Puja at home because it is believed that praying to Lord Shiva everyday has much kind of benefits. Continue reading Discover the Rituals to Perform Shiv Puja at Your House

Discover the Process of Lakshmi Puja at Home

pooja materials onlineLaksmi Puja is definitely a vital part of Hindu puja ritual and worshipping Goddess Laksmi is considered to be an auspicious ritual which most of the Hindu household perform in their home. But, though in entire Indian culture the process of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi varies from one region to another. Somewhere either some ritual is similar or different from each other. But, no matter whatever may be the rituals here are some common aspects which are associated with the puja of Goddess Lakshmi, whom we considered the Goddess of wealth as well as prosperity. Continue reading Discover the Process of Lakshmi Puja at Home

Akshaya Tritiya Puja – Get fulfilled all your wishes

puja items online storesAs we know that Hindus celebrates many festivals and Akshaya Tritiya Puja is one of the most auspicious ones among the Hindus. The day is considered to be so auspicious that on this day people considered to start up new things or buy new things. Also, there are many households where on this day traditional ceremonies were also performed. The literally meaning of the word “Akshaya” is indestructible. Thus, because of this particular reason, this day is considered as auspicious and it is believed that investing anything on this day is highly appreciable. As per the Hindu Lunar Calendar, this day is celebrated on the third day of Shukla Paksha and it is generally held in the month of Vaisakh. Also, this particular date or day is considered to be very auspicious for marriages apart from beginning something new. Many people on this day choose to buy jewellery made of gold and also diamond because this day is the best date when both the sun and the moon placed together perfectly.

Continue reading Akshaya Tritiya Puja – Get fulfilled all your wishes

Importance and Benefits of Keeping Shiva Lingam At Home

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The Shiva Lingam is actually the representation of the divinity of Lord Shiva and also it is kept in many temples and homes. It is also popular that nowadays you can find the same in many puja stores online. In the classic culture of Hindu religion, the Shiva Linga is actually seen as the representative of The Lord himself which means that in many families people worship the Linga as a form of Lord Shiva. Also, along with the Linga, the yoni is kept with that which is basically a symbol of Shakti or a feminine creative energy. It is said that the unity of Shiva Linga and Yoni is actually brought the positive energy in both male and female species through which actually all the lives originated. Shiva Linga is actually is also known as the Cosmic Egg which means that it does not have any starting or end in its life. It is also believed by the people that in this world where every day something or other is evolving and also merges and breaks down eventually to continue the process of this system. In this way, it is said that Shiva Lingam is considered as the most forward way of development in the entire system. Continue reading Importance and Benefits of Keeping Shiva Lingam At Home

Hawan – A Quintessential Part of Hindu Worship

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Hinduism is one of the oldest religions that comprises of rituals for every kind of occasion. It can be your child rice ceremony, for buying a new house, Navaratri puja or any kind of puja, for every occasion certain rules and rituals are performed. One of the most important rituals which are performed in Hindu puja is the Hawan. It is actually a sacred ritual where the worshipper made offerings to the fire. Continue reading Hawan – A Quintessential Part of Hindu Worship

Feng Shui Tips for Healthy Life

We all know health is wealth!! But how many of us actually believe in prevention? It is very important to incorporate certain good habits to lead a healthy life and happy life. And one of the most important aspects of keeping yourself healthy is to let clean energy flow. This is where Feng Shui comes into play!! Here are some Feng Shui tips to live a healthy and stress-free life-

Source- trendsnhealth

•    Replace old stuff with new ones such as changing old mattress with a new one, it will help bring new positive energy to the home.

•    Do change your paint after every 4-5 years to keep your aura clean and positive.

•    Make sure that you sink in only clean air and for that use air purifier at home.

•    Keep things like radios, phones, and clocks away from your bed as these equipments may take away the vital energy required by your body.

•    Avoid having any object at home, which has sharp corner, it is known as “poison arrows” in Feng Shui. Hide it with any plant or any other decoration thing.

•    Avoid having spiral staircases at home.

•    Avoid having cactus and spider plant at home. Instead, get lush and vibrantly green plant.

•    Make sure that the center of your house is clean and is not cluttered with any stuff.

•    Keep your house clean every time as clutter house can entangle you in a lower resonance.

•    Use bells and wind chimes at home.

•    Take a walk every day to balance your energy.

•    Drink 7-8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated, it helps in bringing positive energy throughout.

•    Make sure that your house is receiving as much natural light as possible. It will help you in attaining a good health and well-being.

Inculcate these tips into your daily routine to lead a healthy and productive life.

Importance and Benefits of Reciting Gayatri Mantra

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Gayatri is actually not the name of the mantra but it is actually a measurement. The mantras which are set in the CHANDAS of Gayatri are termed as Gayatri Mantra and actually chandas is the unit through which it is measured. It is said that when Gayatri Mantra actually came into existence at that time, chandas where not known by the people and thus, a new Vedic meter was introduced with this mantra. In our Vedas there are many mantras which are actually included in the Gayatri chnadas. In every Hindu family this is one of the first mantra that has been taught and also this puja mantra is been recited in almost every Hindu puja. It is believed there are many useful effects if anyone recites the mantra. The mantra actually purifies the soul and spirit of the person who chants it. The people who are close to the vicinity of the chanter also get positively affected by the mantra. Continue reading Importance and Benefits of Reciting Gayatri Mantra

How tying black thread on your wrist can protect you from evil things?

You must have seen many people wearing black thread on various parts of their body. It is not any other fashion statement, but instead considered as a sacred way of preventing bad things from taking place in our life. It is a common practice in our Hindu culture to wear this sacred thread on body parts such as ankles, waist, stomach and wrists.


You must have heard elder members of your family asking you to not wear black clothes on good occasions. It is said due to the fact that black clothes can turn positive things into negative things. But when it comes to protecting you from bad things, black color things play an essential role. Here we will be discussing the primary benefits of wearing this sacred thread on your wrist-

Protect you from evil eyes– In this social media world, everyone is aware what you are up to in your life and they might get jealous due to that. So, it is recommended to wear this thread to protect yourself from the evil eyes of such people. These people may also include your friends and family members.

Gives you good health– Wearing this sacred thread not just protect you from evil eyes, but also helps you in giving you a good health.

Makes you rich– Yes, you heard it right! Black thread not just keeps you away from bad things, but also helps you earn money and gives you prosperity in your career and business. Our body is made up of five aspects including earth, air, fire, water, and skin. Black sacred helps in keeping the balance of all of the above-mentioned aspects.

How to get rich instantly using this thread?

Buy a cotton thread from a market and take that thread to Hanuman Mandir on Tuesday. Make 9 knots in that thread and apply sindoor from the Hanuman deity to your thread. Place this thread at the door of your house to attract money and prosperity in your life.