Avert the Obstacles on Your Path with Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat

We humans are born as mortals and with various desires that keep us active and working during our lifetime. There are very few who are able to conquer their wants and get over the hyper human emotions. Those are the sages, which might rarely exist in this age of highly commercialised and materialistic societies. Spiritualism has now been restricted to Puja rituals, to prepare for which people buy Pooja Samagri online nowadays. This is because people are going through serious time constraints and stress, which also have contributed in moving away from the other aspect of spirituality – Dhyana. However, the latter mode is only way to relieve ourselves from all the problems.

The Ritualistic Way: Although the modern human beings are unable to embrace contemplation and meditation, they may do their bit by showing their gratitude to the Divine Power through the rituals prescribed in the scriptures. People arrange various items which are considered sacred and capable of expressing reverence to God. Thereafter, certain procedures are followed using the items of worship and with chant of hymns. In Hinduism, there are various deities, to whom numerous Puja processes are dedicated, as part of the faith.

Among the various worshipped Gods, Ganesha reigns as the deity who is treated as the beginner of all good works. The Vighnaharta is said to eliminate all troubles in the lives of His devotees. In the following paragraphs, you shall know about one of the important Puja related to Him, where devotees worship him with Ganapati Puja Samagri.

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The Monthly Observances of Chaturthi: Though there are many other occasions dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the festivities of Sankashti Chaturthi is something that has not been written about much, but hold great importance. The Ganesha Chaturthi, starting from Shukla Chaturthi (fourth day of the first fortnight) of Magha month, commemorates the birth of the Vighnaharta. But do you there are monthly versions of the celebrations too? Since Chaturthi is an auspicious day, every fourth day after Purnima is celebrated to mark the benevolence and power of the Lord.

The Ceremonial Customs: Falling in the dark lunar phase or Krishna Paksha, the Sankashti Chaturthi is considered to be highly auspicious time of the month when people observe fasts and pray Ganesha. When the date falls on a Tuesday, it is supposed to be even more significant and is called the Angaraki Chaturthi. The various practices involved in this ceremony are as follows:

1. Devotees rise early in the morning, take the holy bath and during the cleansing process, chant the name of the Lord.

2. The Ganapati Puja Samagri are arranged for and placed near the altar. Also other preparations related to the Puja, like cleaning the place of worship, decorations, etc. are done beforehand.

3. Fast should commence with the sunrise and end after the sighting the moon, preceded by reciting of Ganapati Atharvasheersha to invoke the divine energy. Depending upon convenience, a person can fast totally or partially.

4. In case one is unable to view the moon, the time of the moon rise should be noted from a reliable Hindu calendar and the Puja can be initiated. However, viewing the moon is apparently a good omen.

5. The devotees set the altar, after the Chandra Darshan, do installation of the image or idol of Ganesha, offer the prayers as per the Vidhi or process in a book of Vrat Katha.

6. The entire Vrat Katha consists of 13 stories, one allocated for each monthly Puja and one extra for the Adhika Maas. One should only read the story which pertains to the specified month. The significance of the Vrat is known through the tales.

The Ensuing Grace of the Vrat: Apart from the spiritual blessings that one expects from this worshipping act, there are some health benefits of the fast too. Having a fast refines one’s body and mind. The toxicity of body is cleansed to an extent, and a person gets to abandon food, which instills in him the essence of abstinence and devotion. This indirectly makes him avoid indulgence in sinful affairs and therefore, the purpose of spirituality is temporarily fulfilled.

Talking about the religious gains that ensue, it is said the benign Almighty gets appeased, if He is worshipped on this auspicious day in ideal manner. The epitome of intelligence and power that Ganesha is, He bestows the qualities that He possesses to the ardent followers. Moreover, the hindrances that come in the way of success of a person are warded off by His blessings to make the situations congenial for fulfilling the ambitions. Remember, all that piousness needs is purity of mind and the results follow.

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