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Seasonal Pooja Items: What to Buy for Each Festival and Where

India is a land of festivals, each with unique traditions, rituals and items of pooja (worship) with special meanings. The right pooja items online purchase for each festival can enhance your spiritual experience and ensure that you honor these festivals in the right way. Here’s a guide to the most important pooja products from India’s major festivals and where to buy them. 

1. Makar Sankranti

Pooja Products:

  • Til (Sesame Seeds): Used in various rituals and in preparation of traditional sweets like tilgul.
  • Jaggery: Combines with til to make sweets and treats.
  • Kite: Although kites are not pooja, they are an integral part of the celebration.
  • Flowers and Incense: To pray and perform aarti.

Where to buy:

Local market for fresh drops and jaggery or if you want to have them at your doorstep then buy online puja samagri only at Pujashoppe.

2. Maha Shivaratri

Pooja Products:

  • Bilva (Bael) Leaves: A must for Shiva pooja.
  • Bhang: Used as an offering to Lord Shiva in some rituals.
  • Milk, honey and water: Shiva Linga abhishekam (ritual bath).
  • Rudraksha Mala: To chant mantras and wear during pooja.

Shop locations:

Religious online stores like Pujashoppe, get the best puja items online.

3. Holi

Pooja Products:

  • Colors (gulal): For festival play.
  • Puja Thali: Contains important items like red, rice and flowers.
  • Holika Dahan Cakes on Tree and Cow Dung: For Fire Ritual.
  • Sweets like Gujiya: prasad and to share with family and friends.

Where to buy:

You can shop all kinds of puja samagri online, only at Pujashoppe, the best puja items franchise.

4. Raksha Bandhan

Pooja Items:

  • Rakhi: a sacred thread tied by sisters on the wrists of their brothers.
  • Roli and Chawal: To Tilak and blessings.
  • Sweets: To offer and share during a ritual.
  • Diya and Incense Sticks: For Aarti Ceremony.

5. Ganesh Chaturthi

Pooja Products:

  • Ganesh Idol: The centerpiece of the celebration.
  • Modak and Ladoo: Favorite sweets of Lord Ganesha.
  • Durva grass and red hibiscus flowers: important offerings to the deity.
  • Clay and Natural Colors: When you make eco-friendly Ganesh idol at home.

Where to buy:

Local markets or specialized idol makers for eco-friendly Ganesh idols or else you can buy the best quality of Ganesh idols, only at Pujashoppe.

6. Navratri and Durga Puja

Pooja Products:

  • Durga Idol or Image: For Pooja Centre.
  • Diyas, Lamps and Incense Sticks: For Aarti and Pooja Rituals.
  • Coconut, fruits and sweets: for offerings and prasad.
  • Garba and Dandiya Sticks: A traditional dance performed during Navratri.

Shop locations:

Religious shops for idols, deities and lamps and if you want to buy online then nothing can be better than Pujashoppe.

7. Diwali

Pooja items:

  • Idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh: Central characters of Diwali pooja.
  • Diyas and candles: to light up the home.
  • Rangoli Colors: To create beautiful designs at the entrance.
  • Sweets and dry fruits: prasad and gifts.
  • New clothes and jewellery: Traditionally worn during pooja.

Places to shop:

Religious stores and online stores for Idols and pooja kits.

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Each festival brings its own unique pooja items that are required to perform the rituals with devotion and sincerity. Keep Pujashoppe in the Devotee’s Puja Checklist by knowing what and where to buy these products, you can ensure a smooth and satisfying party. From local markets to specialty online stores like Pujashoppe, there are many ways to find quality pooja items online to suit your needs. With the right preparation, embrace the spirit of each festival and let your celebration be full of joy, devotion and cultural richness. Shop now

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