Celebrate the Harvest Festival of Lohri With Fun and Joy


Lohri is a special harvest festival that is celebrated in Punjab. For this, a basic purchase of online puja samagri is enough. Read here about the Lohri festival.

Lohri is one of the prominent festivals of the Punjab region where Hindus and Sikhs take part in the festival. Everyone celebrates this on the night ahead of Makar Sankranti, also called as Maghi. It actually marks the completion of Winter and usher in days of longer duration. Normally the day is celebrated amidst prayer and festivities. Normally we can do online puja samagri shopping of the basic ingredients needed for the puja and celebrate the festival accordingly.

Here is All You Need to Know About Lohri:-

  • It normally falls around the 13th of January every year. Most Punjabis buy Indian puja saman and do this simple festival. 
  • It is a harvest festival that celebrates the harvesting of Rabi crops. It is mainly a thanks-giving festival by farmers for their bountiful produce.
  • The major festivities involve a puja around a bonfire. People buy the basic items for the thali from puja thali items store and collect firewood. Also, people collect the money for this bonfire from the locality. Children go around in their locality singing folk songs and collecting money for Lohri.
  • One of the major parts of the festivities involves going around the bonfire offering pulley (popcorns), Rewari (a special sweet made of jaggery and sesame seeds) and MoongPhali (peanuts). The best part about Lohri is that you do not need any elaborate Indian puja items for this festival. They then bow before the fire as a mark of reverence.
  • This festival assumes special importance when there is a new marriage or birth in the family. Many families arrange for a special puja on this occasion by buying pooja items from any puja samagri store in India for this. 
  • If there is a new couple, the first Lohri is very important. The bride dresses in a traditional way which includes ‘Solah Shringar’ – the quintessential 16 items normally worn by a bride. The couple sits together and friends and relatives give them gifts. The in-laws also give gifts to the new bride. They can offer gifts like dresses, jewelry, decorative items or beautiful pooja items from Pooja stores online for the bride.
  • Some families buy puja kits online and organize a small puja at home on this occasion when there is a newborn baby. Some even organize a special feast and invite relatives and guests with cards and ‘Shagun’ from puja kits store on this occasion. Grandparents from both sides offer gifts to the newborn.


Festivals like Lohri are an important part of Punjabi culture. It only requires basic pooja samagri which you can get at Pujashoppe which offers the best Puja Samagri at very affordable rates. So go ahead and be a part of a special Indian festival of Lohri.

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