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“Kaali Kaali Mahakaali Kalike Paapharini,
Sarva Vighna Hare Devi Narayani Namostute”

Devi Siddhidatri is the ninth form of Devi Durga who is manifested in Navaratri. The last form of Devi Shakti is divinity Siddhidatri who is worshiped on the final day of Navratri. ‘Siddhi’ is a term of Sanskrit which means mystic power “Dhatri” means a donor or giver. She has four arms. She holds chakra in her lower right hand and a stick in the upper right hand. And in her lower left hand she holds a Shankha and in the upper left hand a lotus. She seats on a full bloomed lotus with a lion as her bassoon.

Mythological Saga of Devi Siddhidatri

The Goddess Siddhidatri is competent of giving every power and is also the owner of 26 wishes to award her worshipers. According to the Markandaye Purana, the eight siddhis are Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Garima, Prapti, Prakaamya, Vashitva and Ishitva.

Anima means to diminish one’s body and also the size of a random particle;

Mahima means to enlarge the body to an enormously great size;

Laghima means to become buoyant;

Garima means to become markedly weighty;

Prapti means to have unobstructed access everywhere;

Prakambya means to understand one’s desire;

Vashitva means the power to conquer everything;

Ishitva means to own the complete lordship.

Lord Shiva was enthroned by Devi Siddhidatri with all the eight powers her. These powers are very vital and essential to run the creation of his “Ardhanareshwar” form that is half Shiva and half Siddhidatri.

According to the Brahmavaivart Purana there are 18 types of accomplishment. They are Anima, Mahima, Prapti, Garima, Ladhima, Prakaamya, Vashitva, Ishitva, Sarvakaamaal, Sarvagynatva, DurShravana, VakaSiddhi, Kalpavrushatva, Shrishti, Saadhita, Samharkaransaamarthya, Parkaayapraveshan, Amaratva, Sarvanyayakatva, Bhavana and Siddhi.

Deva, Danav, Kinnar, Gandharva,Yaksh, Manav worshipped Devi Siddhidaatri to reach their success. It is believed that Devi Durga removes all the lack of knowledge and provides the awareness to understand. This is the reason she is bounded by Siddhas, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Demons and Gods.

The Siddhi that she offers is the consciousness of everything which is the Ultimate living being or Brahman. When a “sadhaka” worship her with full dependence, he obtains the “Siddhis” and then nothing remains unachievable from his side in this universe.

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The devotional Mantra of Siddhidatri


The religious Prarthana addressed to Siddhidatri


The spiritual Stuti of Devi Siddhidatri


The sacred Dhyana for Devi Siddhidatri

शङ्ख, चक्र, गदा, पद्मधरांसिद्धीदात्रीभजेम्॥
मञ्जीर, हार, केयूर, किङ्किणिरत्नकुण्डलमण्डिताम्॥


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