Celebrate the Occasion of Bhaiya Dooj with Decorative Thali

Bhaiya Dooj

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The occasion of Bhaiya Dooj is celebrated with great enthusiasm within the Hindu community. This day marks the significant bond between a brother and a sister, years of them being the best friends to each other. A brother is always supposed to protect her sister from all the evils and dangers of this world. Similarly, this day marks their auspicious relationship- the admirers and protectors of each other, their unconditional love towards each other. People also celebrate this day with online puja items and decorative thali online.

Bhaiya Dooj is a prominent festival when the siblings do puja with puja instruments bought from a huge collection at the Puja Items Online Stores. On this day, the sisters pray to God for the well-being, happiness, and longevity of their brothers. This day usually falls on the second day of the Shukla Paksha, in the month of Kartik. People also buy online puja samagri for the event during pooja samagri online shopping

The History Behind this Festival:-

According to Hindu mythology, Yamraj, the God of Death visited Yami or Yamuna,  his beloved sister. His sister welcomed with aarti and a tilak on his forehead, garlands and special sweet dishes to eat.   In return, he gifted her a unique token of love. From this day onwards, he declared that all brothers who receive aarti and tilak on their birthday will never be frightened. This is why people also refer to this day as Yama Dwitiya.

Bhai Dooj Vidhi is Done with Puja Gift Items:-

The sisters wake up early in the morning and take a fresh bath. The brother will visit her home with gifts and a pooja kit bought from the online puja gift store. Sisters will pray to God for the long life of their brothers. The events of the day continue by eating sweetly cooked dishes of various kinds. Do the puja with Divine items online which you can buy at reasonable prices from pooja products online stores. You should also buy Puja Accessories Online and do puja shopping online for the festival of Bhai Phonta

The sisters will decorate a special seat for their brothers with pooja items. You have to arrange rice and flour for the ceremony. Then apply the paste of rice and kumkum on his forehead. Offer flowers to him, betel leaves, betel nuts and place coins on the thali for the puja bought from pooja items store in India. You have to chant religious mantras and pour holy Gangajal on his palm. Then apply the Kalawa on his head while the priest will continue the ceremonial puja with puja saman. The sisters will also sit facing the southern direction since people believe it lucky. This way, she can see the flying kite on the sky and fulfill all the wishes for her brother. After the puja, brothers will also give gifts to her as a token of love and appreciation from the puja store online.

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