Celebrating the Parasuram Dwadasi Whole-Heartedly

Parasuram Dwadasi

Just after the day of Mohini Ekadashi, follows the observation of Parasuram Dwadasi Vrat across Hindus of the world. However, devotees who celebrate the Mohini Ekadasi tend to exempt this Vrat, sometimes falling on the same day according to the Tithi and Nakshatra prescribed on the texts. Is there any reason behind such indifference in the attitude or is it for the time and effort required in doing the fast?

  • The Story of Parashurama:

The sixth Vishnu avatar is known to be that of Parasuram, and the day of Third Shukla Paksha of the month Viashaka mark the stentorian birthday. Renuka’s son in the period, he lived during the Treta and Dvapara Yugas. Hailed to the last Chiranjivi or immortals within the Hindu context he underwent a terrible penance pleasing Shiva to receive his famous axe. As a mark of reward one of the martial form, Kalaripayattu was taught by Lord to the sixth incarnation. The two giant epics Maharabrata and Ramayana, which taught men to preach Dhamma defined his important roles as the mentor for Bhishma, Drona, and Karna.

A great warrior, the Bhargavastra used to be his personal belonging earned from Lord Shiva, from whom he came to learn the tricks of warfare.


  • Rites held on Parasuram Dwadasi:

The rising Sun welcomes the start of the Parasuram Dwadasi which continues to end on the next morning rise. The process of fast is started by dipping on the water to sanctify them. The purpose is to meant purification of water. Soon afterwards, the Idol of Parasuram is worshipped with flower’s petals. To mark the rites properly devotees need to Buy Puja Idol either from the local Idol shops or placing the order online.

The best way of taking things in its place is by offering flowers as well as puja articles to the deity. Since a long period, Lord Vishnu is prayed with flowers and other puja items. At the time of praying to the Lord Parashuram, it is these flowery stuffs and ornaments are offered. Indians, especially the Hindu believers are found appealing to the Lord Parashuram with the substances of Lord Vishnu. Quite an obvious thing as Lord Vishnu appeared in its sixth incarnation as the Lord Parashuram. An ardent follower of Parashuramwill continues to perform with his or her fast until the next morning, remaining awake the entire night.


  • Why the day marks auspiciousness?

The day is popularly celebrated in some regions of the nation thinking they would attain Moksha. Happiness and peace are something that the devotees seek for. The day is also known in some spatial distribution of the country as the Jamdagnya Parashuram Vrat. The birthday or Janma Tithi of Lord Vishnu’s sixth avatar found its earthly presence on the third day of Shukla Paksha, in the month of Vaishakha.

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