Commencement of the Shailaputri Puja with Pratipada and Chandra Darshan

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The Pratipada, which generally falls on the second day of the Navaratri festival, is the day that is reserved for the worship of the divine Goddess Shailaputri, or the first form of Shakti among the nine different forms worshipped all through the nine days of Navaratri. Shailaputri derives her name from the fact that she is the daughter of the Himalaya, the supreme mountain King.

Speaking of the festivities observed on Pratipad, the Chandra Darshan forms a vital part of the day. The significance of the day lies in the fact that devotees get to see the moon after the Amavasya. The worship of Devi Shailaputri symbolises eternal bonding between two individuals. It is also said to be a means to usher away evil and ominous effects from the surrounding environment.

Chandra Darshan – The Emergence of the Tranquil Moon

Tranquillity and peace is what describes the magnetic charm of a moon. The moon is considered to be one of the influential of the Navagrahas that surround the earth. Worshipped in form of a deity, the moon is said to be one of the celebrated deities in the Hindu mythology. Speaking of this, the day of Chandra Darshan is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm by devotees all across. Individuals purchase necessary online Navaratri kit or often get them from the experienced.

The term Chandra Darshan refers to the re-emergence and the visibility of the moon after the night of an Amavasya. Considered to be a religiously significant day for the Hindu masses, this day is primarily dedicated to the worship of the Sun God.

Mythological Significance of the Day

In accordance to the Hindu mythology, the divine moon is said to influence the life that exists on the planet. Since the olden times, this navagraha is said to have occupied a vital place in the Hindu astrological arena.  Astrologers are said to believe that people witnessing a favourable position of the moon in their planet, are bound to have a happy and successful life ahead.

People observing the puja is said to fast all through the day. The moon is generally visible a few hours after the sunset. It is only after witnessing the moon that devotees tend to break their fast.

India being a land of religious diversity, pujas and rituals form an integral part of the Indian culture. The rapid development in technology has assured the fact that even if you do not have the required time to go out to shop for it physically, you can always opt for the choice to book puja online when required. It is actually amazing how the genre of Hindu religion has adapted to the developing times.

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