Complete Your Navaratri Pooja with the Right Samagri

spiritual storeNavaratri is about to come. Navaratri pooja is conducted in many households. To complete the pooja, the right samagris are needed. Let’s know about these.

Navaratri is one of the most important and grand festivals of the Hindus. People all over the country celebrate this festival in their own way for nine days. Goddess Durga is worshipped to bring wealth, peace, happiness, and prosperity.  Many household also perform this pooja using different pooja items. The Pooja Samagri is here:-

  • A picture or idol of Goddess Durga
  • Saree for the Goddess
  • Durga Saptashati book
  • Fresh and washed mangoes
  • Orchards of Ganga water
  • Fresh green grass also known as the ‘Doobba’
  • Sandalwood
  • Coconut
  • Roly or the red power known as the Tilak
  • Mole or the holy red thread
  • Betel
  • Rice
  • Cardamom
  • Cloves
  • Leaflets
  • Gulal
  • Vermilion or the kumkum
  • Agarbatti, matchbox, and the agarbatti stand
  • Flowers for the pooja
  • Laddoo and peda

All these items are available in the market stores. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to find these at the same store before the pooja day. In this case, you can choose to buy these stuffs from the trusted Spiritual Store items. All the above products are available under this single roof.

Worship Method:- To do this pooja, the get up in the early morning as soon as the sun rises. Then take bath and put on washed clothes. Keep all pooja samagri in their right places for the perfect pooja arrangement. The incense lamp should be kept on the left side of the Goddess. Then just sit in front of the idol, close the eyes, and repeat the mantra as uttered by the pandit. Play the bell and the conch after the pooja is completed.

Placing the Urn:- Place the Kalash in front of the shaitiswarupa and pour Ganga water on it. Then place the mango leaves on top of the Kalash and then keep the coconut on top of it. Run the moles on the neck of the Kalash after that. Place sandalwood powder or liquid and the ‘doobba’ or the green grass in front of the idol and on the saree. Offer flowers to the Goddess and then bring the paan leaves with cloves. If the devotee is married then two paan leaves should be offered. Join the hands and then utter the mantra.  

Performing the pooja in the right way is believed to bring utmost peace and prosperity. Bring the right samagri online to do it in the right way.


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