Derive the Essence of the Chappan Bhog in the Jagannath Temple


The “bhog” or “mahaprasad” as it is generally forms the fulcrum of the great outpour of devotees to the Jagannath Temple during the Ratha yatra. The gigantic temple does boast of having the largest kitchen in the world that feeds thousands of devotees on a daily basis. But the entire scenario is worth watching during the yearly festive occasion of the Ratha Yatra. You can buy Online Puja Samagri and save a certain amount of time before you seek blessings from the Lord.

The chappan bhog or the offering of the 56 food items

The Mahaprasad is the prime offering that is made out to the deities in the Jagannath temple. Offered during the preceding 21 days of the Ratha Yatra, the chappan bhog is one of the largest bhog offerings prepared for a deity. Enlisted below are the items that are prepared in the temples kitchen to suffice the 56 items of the bhog:

1. Sadha Anna – Simple Rice water

2. Kanika – Rice, Ghee and Sugar

3. DahiPakhal – Curd Rice and water

4. ThaliKhechedi – Lentil, Rice with Sugar and Ghee

5. Ada Pakhal – Rice, Ginger and water

6. Ghea Anna – Rice mixed with Ghee

7. Khechedi – Rice mixed with Lentil

8. MithaPakhal – Rice, Sugar and water

9. OriaPakhal – Rice, Ghee, Lemon and Salt

10. Khaja – Made of wheat

11. Gaja – Made of wheat, sugar and Ghee

12. Ladu – Made of sugar,wheat and Ghee

13. JeeraLadu

14. MagajaLadu

15. Mathapuli – Made of Ghee, beans ground in to a thick paste and Ginger

16. Khuruma – Made of Sugar,wheat and Salt

17. Jagannath Ballav – Wheat, Ghee and Sugar

18. Kakara – Made of Ghee and Wheat

19. LuniKhuruma – Made of Ghee,Wheat and Salt

20. MarichiLadu – Made of Wheat and Sugar

Cakes, Pancakes and Patties

21. SuarPitha – Made of wheat and Ghee

22. ChadaiLada – Made of Wheat, Ghee and Sugar

23. Jhilli – Rice Flour, Ghee and Sugar

24. Kanti – Rice Flour and Ghee

25. Manda – Made of Gheeand wheat

26. Amalu – Made of wheat, ghee and sugar

27. Puri –wheat and Ghee deeply fried

28. Luchi – Made of Flour,Rice, and Ghee

29. Dahi Bara – Cake made of a kind of a beans and curd

30. Bara – Made of Curd, Ghee and a kind of beans

31. Arisa – A flat cake made of Rice flour and Ghee

32. Tripuri – Another flat cake made of Rice, Flour and Ghee

33. Rosapaik – A cake made of wheat and
Milk Preparations

34. Khiri – Milk, Sugar with Rice

35. Papudi – Prepared from only the cream of milk

36. Khua – Prepared out of Pure Milk slowly boiled over many hours to a soft custard like consistency

37. Rasabali – Made of Milk, Sugar and Wheat

38. Tadia – Made of fresh cheese, sugar and Ghee

39. ChhenaKhai – Made of fresh Cheese, milk and sugar

40. BapudiKhaja – cream of milk, sugar and ghee

41. KhuaManda – Made of milk, wheat and Ghee

42. Sarapulli – This is the most famous milk dish prepared. It is mainly made of pure milk boiled hours and spread out ona large pizza shaped pan.

43. Urid Dal

44. Biridali

45. Dali

46. Muga Dal

47. Dalama –a combination of Dahl and Vegetable. Usually beans,eggplant, sweet potato and tomatoes. Coconuts and Bodhi which looks like a mush room high in protein are also added.

48.Raita – a yogurt like dish with radishandcurd

49. Besar

50. Sag – A spinch dish

51. Baigilni

52. GotiBaigana

53. Khata

54. Maur

55. Pita

56. Potala Rasa

Stories often suggest that the mahaprasad is cooked by Goddess Laxmi herself, which adds on to the flavour of the bhog. During the process of offering out the prasad to the Lord, none of the devotees are allowed to enter the arena except the three priests who actually offer the Puja Thali. The prasad is prepared mainly during the stay of Lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balarama in the Gundicha temple. In case you have not yet had the opportunity to have a taste of the prasad, its time you indulge in this amazing feast once.

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