Develop a positive aura around you!

Life brings an array of changes in which problems and difficulties go hand in hand.

The ability to tackle is where you stand, as life does not always meet your expectations.

Most of the time you need to deal with difficulties. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in pensive or unhappy mood then sitting back and thinking about the past will not help you progress a step forward.

Rather it will create grey energy around your aura, which will not only keep your mood down but also lead to too many health problems.

According to a recent study conducted by Mclean Hospital Investigators, belief in god significantly, improve short-term treatment for psychiatric illness.

So bestowing divine gifts serves upon someone for dual purposes, which facilitates not only well being of self but also emanates and creates a positive aura around you and the person whom you want to gift.

Picture courtesy : Google
Picture courtesy : Google


Different colours of aura means different things like:

Look in a mirror closely for five minutes each day starting from the centre of the forehead especially where the third eye (chakra) is located. Once you try to see the colour of your own aura, branch out and try to see the auras of other people:

Blue: People with blue aura are always said to Balance, relaxation and survival instinct

Brown: People with brown aura are always murky and sad.

Green: These individuals are calm with natural healing abilities

Grey: These individuals have bad intentions or darkness within them.

Orange: These individuals represent an inspiring kind of power with an incredibility to control others.

Pink: These individuals represent purity and balance between the spiritual and material worlds.

Purple: These individuals represent strong psychic ability and mysticism.

Red: These individuals tend to be down-to-earth with strong will power.

Yellow: These individuals tend to be optimistic and easy-going.

White: These individuals tend to signify drug use or spiritual release.

Moreover, auras are a revealing feature, which shows your true personality free from outward appearances and learned habits.

Few ways to rejuvenate your mood are as follows:

  • Look at the mirror and smile for 5 minutes, you feel cheerful. Whenever you have an opportunity keep smiling.
  • Try to disengage the mind and re-engage in something like going to the temple, talk to a friend or go for a walk in a park.
  • Try introspecting deep down as the main reason behind your pensive mood or fluctuating mood. Doing this you can find alternative options to set your mood free from depressed thoughts.
  • Last but not the least, prayers or performing Pujas at your home or temple with the available online puja kits can soothen your mind and ward off your worries besides bringing bliss to your family and loved ones.

So, creating and shaping your aura is important in your life path like choosing a career, decision or choosing your partner.

Moreover, if you think of enhancing other’s aura you can even present divine gifts like small idol of lord Ganesha, ram darbar pedestal or Murali Krishna idol to your loved one to make them feel happy and blessed!

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