Dhanteras- Puja Vidhi, Time, Mantra and Aarti

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Dhanteras will be celebrated on 28th October, 2016. It falls in the month of Kartika on the 13th day of Kartik Krishna Paksha. It is the first important day of five day celebration of Diwali. The day is dedicated to Lord Yamdev, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber. It is also customary to buy some new utensil at home to bring prosperity and wellbeing to the family.

Significance of Dhanteras

The day is celebrated as Yama deep daan or Yama Triyadoshi. King Hima was worried about the death of his 16 year old son as he was predicted to die of snake-bite four days after his wedding. His new bride came up with an idea and decorated the complete room. She also lit diyas and kept them outside the room. She put all the jewellery outside the room and embellished it beautifully with gold and silver. She engaged Prince by telling him stories, playing cards with him and singing songs. When the snake came, he was impressed by the decoration and himself got engaged in the entertainment. He left the next morning without biting the prince. So, the day is celebrated as Dhanteras or Yama Triyadoshi.

Things you will need for puja

Dhoop and Dhoopdaan, kheel and batasha, sweets, aasan to be seated on, coins, sacred water, roli, rice, fresh flowers, a shell with a hole, ghee and 4 wicked diyas.

How to perform the puja?

  • Women of the house get together to perform puja after seeing the star in the evening. Men may also join them, if they wish to. However, it is not mandatory.
  • Four-wicked diyas are placed on any small stool to perform puja.
  • Oil/ghee is placed in the diya after retaining the cotton wicks in it.
  • Cowry shells are also placed in the diyas.
  • These diyas are depicted as Yamdeep as they are lit to offer praying to Lord Yamaraj. This puja is also used to pay respect to ancestors of the house.
  • Place a copper vessel near diyas and fill it with water. Sprinkle some water around the diyas from the copper vessel.
  • Puja is performed using coins, rice and roli.
  • Sweets are offered to each diya.
  • Devotees do the parikrama around the diyas whilst chanting mantra.
  • Tilak is applied on the forehead of all devotees who sits for puja.
  • The lit diya is kept outside the main entrance.
  • Keep it burning the night in the custom of deep daan to honour Yama.

Dhanteras Puja Muhurta = 19:12 to 20:35
Duration = 1 Hour 23 Mins
Pradosh Kaal = 18:04 to 20:35
Vrishabha Kaal = 19:12 to 21:12
Trayodashi Tithi Starts = 16:15 on 27/Oct/2016
Trayodashi Tithi Ends = 18:20 on 28/Oct/2016

Dhanteras Yamdeep daan Mantra

“म्रत्युनाम पासहस्तेन कालेन भार्यापास त्रयो I

दास्याम दीप्दानाम सुर्यज त्रिछत्तामिवि II”

Dhanteras Kuber Mantra

“धनदाय नमस्तुभ्यम निधिपद्माधिवाय च I
भवन्तु त्वत्प्रसादान्मे धन धन्यदिसेम्पध II”

Dhantera Laxmi Mantra

“महालक्ष्यमये च विधमहे विष्णु I
पतन्ये च धीमहे तन्नो लक्ष्मी प्रचोदयात “


Aum Namo Dhanwantri Deva; Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;

Vishnu Swaroop Ji Tohra Vandan; Sweekaaro Jag Ka Abhinandan;
Abhinandan Tohra Abhinandan (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Saagar Manth Se Jag Mein Aaye; Amrit Kalash Bhi Aap-Hu Laaye;
Gal Vaikunthi Peetambar Odhe; Vipada Jaanu Aaye Daurhe Daurhe;
Daurhe Daurhe Aaye Tum Daurhe Daurhe (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Saanwal Varn Au’ Lambi Bhujaayein; Jagmag Jagmag Chaaron Dishayein;
Ek Bhuja Mein Shankh-Hi Saaje; Dooji Bhuja Sang Chakra Viraaje;
Chakra Viraaje Tohre Chakra Viraaje (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Neelkanth Aur Rakta-Hi Netra; Tej Pratap Se Jage Sab Kshetra;
Kesh Saje Aur Kaanon Mein Kundal; Damke Saara Abha Mandal;
Abha Mandal Damke Abha Mandal (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Mohini Ban Asuron Ko Chhakaayo; Devon Ko Oorja Punha Dilaayo;
Kaisi Leela Prabhu Aap Dikhayee; Saagar Ratan Banu Jagad Chaunkayee;
Jagad Chaunkayee Tum Jagad Chaunkayee (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Tum Ayurved Jagad Ko Deenha; Peerhit Rogon Se Mukti Keenha;
Rog Upchaar Ke Tum ho Swami; Swarag Lok Ke Tum Amrit Naami;
Amrit Naami Tum Amrit Naami (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;

Jaraa Rog Ke Aap-hun Bhakshak; Aapan Jan Ke Aap-hun Rakshak;
Achha Swaasthya Aap-hun Banavo; Mrityu Bhaya Se Aap-hun Bachavo;
Aap-hun Bachavo Prabhu Aap-hun Bachavo (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Tumko Jo Jan Roz Dhyaave; Rog Kasht Kabhi Nikat Na Aave;
Tumhri Jo Nit Aarti Gaave; Sukh Samridhi Phal Sada Woh Paave;
Sada Woh Paave Phal Sada Woh Paave (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Vinthi Karte Hain Tumhre Sanmukh; Mrityu Lok Se Karo Dur Dukh;
Manglaashish Se Rakho Apne Paasa; Sab Jan Tumhre Charnon Ke Daasa;
Charnon Ke Daasa Tohre Charnon Ke Daasa (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Daas Pradeep Rachi Aarti Tihaari; Sab Jan Sukh Do He Balihaari;
Haath Jorh Karein Aarti Tumhaari; Kasht Haro Sabke Paalanhaari;
Paalanhaari Sabke Paalanhaari (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Ayurved Se Karein Jan Sewa; Jai Jai Jai Dhanwantri Deva;
Jag Kalyaani Baanto Tum Mewa; Jai Jai Jai Dhanwantri Dewa;
Deva Ho Deva Dhanwantri Deva (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Aum Namo Dhanwantri Deva; Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;
Vishnu Swaroop Ji Tohra Vandan; Sweekaaro Jag Ka Abhinandan;
Abhinandan Tohra Abhinandan (2); Namo Namo Dhanwantri Deva;

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