Discover the Rituals to Perform Shiv Puja at Your House

Shiv Puja at homeShiva the God who is known as a creator as well as destroyer is the only sole trinity in the entire Hindu culture. He puts an end in all mortal life. Due to this reason during any Hindu cremation it is important to keep a statue of Lord Shiva. Most of the people do Shiv Puja at home because it is believed that praying to Lord Shiva everyday has much kind of benefits.

Benefits of doing Shiv Pooja at Home:

•  Worshipping Lord Shiva at home actually enhance the spirituality

•  It also allow you to make the best decisions

•  Constructive for married and unmarried women both.

•  Generally, married women worship Lord Shiva for getting endurance for their son as well as husbands. On the other hand, unmarried women worship Lord Shiva so that they can get alike husbands like Lord Shiva.

•  Another benefit which you will get is to attain moksha after the life.

•  It will make you more ambitious as well as be successful will able to achieve all goals in life.

Samagris Required doing Shiv Puja:

•  A Shiv Lingam – you can buy the pooja samagri online as this will save your time and also you will get your essentials at affordable rates.

•  Items for making Panchamrit like a bowl of Honey, some amount of Milk, Handful of Sugar, Curd.

•  Some Bilva Leaves, a bit of Sandalwood paste, as well as Oil Lamps, are also Important.

•  Also, it is important to keep Shiva Chalisa and Shiva Arti book.

Vidhi of doing Shiv Pooja at House:

Ideally, Shiv Pooja is done Monday of every week. The day decided for Lord Shiva’s Puja, it is important that all the followers of Shiva remain to be fast and after the puja only they should consume milk as well as fruit. The person can only crack the fast after the sun sets. It is important that before you do the puja you must take bath and purify the mind. On the other hand, it is important that during the puja different kinds of mantras should be chanted like for instance Shiva Bija Mantra, Om Navah Shivay, as well as Maha Mrityunjay mantra, should actually be chanted. It is also important that while performing the puja entire Shiva Chalisa must be chanted. On the idol sandalwood paste must be immersed along with that Bilva leaves also need to offer to Lord Shiva.

Important things to keep in mind while performing the puja of Lord Shiva:

•  Food, Flowers which are offered while performing Shiv Puja should not be taken because only Chand has the right to take it.

•  The Food and Flowers which are offered in front of the Shivalinga should be considered as Prasad. It is commonly termed as Shiva Naivedya.

•  The Mantra which needs to be chanted is called ‘OM’ and while reciting the mantra it is important that it’s on eyebrows

•  The Shivalinga is actually the symbol of Lord Shiva.

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