Essential Vastu Tips for Home to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

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Financial loss can bring a lot of stress to your life and can keep you anxious all the time. Vastu is important to keep our finances in control and prevent money from unanticipated losses. We bring you tips to help you reduce the outflow of money and impress Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber.

  • Get a bird feeder for your home and keep it outside to feed birds with water and grains. Satisfying hunger of others is the gateway to fill your home with wealth and happiness.
  • Keep the main door of your house very clean as it attracts wealth and prosperity. Decorate it with flowers and vibrant colors. Also, put the nameplate and engraved the name of the elders using good colors.
  • Get an aquarium for your house, it could be of small size and also keep it facing the northeast direction of the house. Make sure you clean the aquarium on a regular basis.
  • Drainage pipes should be fitted in the north direction of your house.
  • It is also recommended to install a water fountain in your home, not necessarily a big size though. Make sure that water is always flowing in the fountain as flowing water depicts the flow of positive energy and vibes.
  • Place a plant which should be purple in color to attract financial gains.
  • Construct the store room in the southwest direction to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Find the centre position of the house and make sure that the centre portion of the house does not have anything. You can make a temple there or at least make it clutter free.
  • Do not plant trees on the northeast side as it can halt the flow of finances. Instead, plant large trees on the southwest side to attract wealth.
  • Keep live plants or grains in the toilet to avoid spending too much on unnecessary things.
  • If you are planning to buy a land, then it should be of the same level as that of land or should be higher than that of the adjacent road.
  • Keep all the window panes clean and shiny as dirty windows restrict the flow of money.
  • Avoid making any curved walls in the northeast direction of your boundary wall. They should always be at 90 degrees.
  • Don’t keep any machinery near to the staircase and avoid making it in the northeast direction.
  • Place a mirror in front of your cash locker. This is indeed a perfect way of doubling the wealth as the image of locker gets reflected in the mirror.
  • Don’t keep your cash locker under a beam or focus light. Place this locker close to southwest direction so that it opens in the north direction.
  • Never ignore the leaking faucet as it can drain the finances of the house.

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