Everything You Need to Know About Annapurna Jayanti

Annapurna Jayanti

With Annapurna Jayanti coming right up, there are few things you need to know about it. Read on to know more about it and how to arrange a puja kit for it.

India is a land of culture and traditions. The festivities here never ends. You will find there’s an occasion every other day. Our country is all about religions and worship. Thousands of devotees everyday travel miles to pay homage to their respective deities. You will be astonished to see the amount of devotion these people have. Talking about pujas, Annapurna Jayanti is right around the corner. It is a vital part of our Hindu ritual. If you are thinking about performing this Puja, then you need to arrange a puja kit containing divine pooja items online. These pooja things should include all the necessary puja saman. You can get these by online puja samagri shopping of Hindu puja items from puja store online.

After you have bought all the indian puja items, you need to arrange them in a thali. You can quickly get indian puja thali online from any premium pooja samagri store online in India of indian pooja items. Now, coming to Annapurna Jayanti. It is one of the most important festivities in the Hindu culture. Let us have a look at the importance of this occasion and why people celebrate it all over the country.

The Story Behind Annapurna Jayanti:-

Annapurna is formed by combining two words: “ Anna” which means food and “Purna” that means filled. Therefore, Annapurna Mata is the goddess of food, and she assures her devotees that they will never suffer from hunger. The story goes something like this- Annapurna Mata and Lord Shiva loved playing dice and once the game got so interesting that it came to betting. In this process, shiva almost lost everything and felt very humiliated. Then again on the advice of Vishnu, shiva went to play this game again, and this time he won. This led to an argument between Parvati and him. So, Lord Vishnu appeared in front of them and explained that this was just an illusion and nothing else. From this statement, Shiva came to the conclusion that everything was moh-Maya.

Again, Goddess Parvati got angry and refused to agree that food was an illusion. According to her, if everything, including food, was an illusion so was she. In order to prove this, goddess Parvati disappeared from the earth. This led to barren land, drought and no food. But, as everyone started praying for her and she could not see her children like this, she came and started serving food in Kashi. Shiva understood the importance and said that food was outstanding. This is why people started celebrating Annapurna Jayanti.

The Importances of Annapurna Jayanti:-

  • People celebrate this to never run out of food and so that they could stay with a fulfil stomach.
  • It helps in better farming and food production.
  • Devotees pay homage to the lord of food.
  • Also, people will never run out of food and money if they worship Annapurna.

These are the importance of Annapurna Jayanti. Make sure you have the right pooja saman online. You can also buy pooja accessories online from PujaShoppe. It is the best place to get pooja products online.

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