Explore the Home Decor Gifts for Wedding Couple

spiritual products onlineWedding gifts are something that is given to the couple so that they can enjoy the gift of their lifetime. So, it wise that people should give a gift which can also be utilized as home decor. It is important that the couple who are starting the life together needs a lot of divine gifts that will help them to spread spirituality in their house as well in the relationship. It thus, a very good idea if you thought of giving any home decor items to a newly married couple.

  • Radha Krishna Statue – Perhaps one of the most favoured and beautiful items which most of the people buys for a newly wedded couple is a Radha Krishna statue. The love story of Radha-Krishna is considered as one of the most talked about love stories in the Hindu religion and both of them is considered as the eventual symbol of love. This is one of the prime reasons why people typically considered the Radha Krishna statue for a wedding gift. According to epics and myths, it is said that Lord Vishnu is the Krishna while Goddess Lakshmi is considered as Radha. It is said that there is a tale of love between the two Gods but actually in a human form. Obviously, if you opt to buy spiritual products online then there is a different kind of materials of Radha Krishna which you can choose. Generally, people either opt for any metal or colourful marble. The statue is sometimes decorated with precious stones such as corals and turquoise. Most of the statues of Radha Krishna depicts that Lord Krishna is playing the flute while the goddess Radha is standing just beside Lord Krishna with her one palm risen up. Also, you can find the statues incorporated into animals like peacock, cobras.

  • Silver Plated Photo Frames – If you are thinking about the wedding gift then the best one to opt for is Lakshmi Ganesh silver photo frames. It is considered to be one of the most auspicious gifts because Goddess Lakshmi is the deity that is worshiped to bring wealth while the Lord Ganesha is the deity of wealth and prosperity. Due to these reasons, many people considered the frame to be auspicious for the newly married couples.

  • Candle Stands – Beautifully designed candle sets with different fragrances are an ideal gift to give a newly wedded couple. You can either put these candles in the home or create a beautiful vibe or you can also keep it in the home as a decorative item.

  • Decorative Pieces – Since the couple has got married and very soon they will shift to their new house so it is important that you can gift them various another kind of decorative items. The sun and a moon wall hanging are one of the ideal gifts .Apart from this; there many divine gifts which you can give as a wedding gift.

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