Facts and Customs You Should Know About Karwa Chauth Puja

Karwa Chauth

Shop online puja samagri and divine gifts for Karwa Chauth Puja. Know about the rituals performed on this auspicious day and why it holds a special significance.

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In Indian culture, Karwa Chauth is an important festival for married women. Who keep fast for their husbands for their longevity and good health. It is a ritual that still instills faith in the institution of marriage where the doting wife shows her love and respect for her husband. The husbands too promise to give their wives the same love and care for them for the rest of their lives. The ritual is about offering Arghya to the moon with an earthen pot on the Kartik Month Chaturthi

1. Karwa Chauth Puja Rituals:-

  • The women observing fasts on this auspicious day arrange for puja in the evening. The brides receive gorgeous gifts like new attires, jewelry, and also puja items that their mother-in-law buys from puja samagri stores in India. Also, they fill the earthen pots with traditional food popularly called Sargi. On the day of the vrat, a woman needs to have this before sunrise and then commence fasting without having water as well.
  • In the evening the puja commences everyone worships Goddess Parvati. Few hours before the moonlight. Someone from the group of women narrates stories of Karwa Chauth which revolves around a young woman who did not perform the ritual and had to bear the consequences of her husband’s death. Later her husband’s life came back after a period of seven Karwa Chauth vrats. 

2. Recent Positive Changes that are the Highlights of Karwa Chauth Ritual:-

  • There are many tales and fables associated with the  Karwa Chauth ritual. And though there is no authentic information on when it started. People from different regions have different stories that they believe in. But all the main aim of performing this festival is for the long life of the husbands who workday. And night to give a happy life to their loved ones. 
  • Should this is an old tradition that women practice with as much reverence? These days sometimes men too keep fasts for the well-being of their wives. Earlier it was a one-way custom but now as women too have come out of their cocooned existence as mere housewives and making it big in the professional world as well. This new approach is best in every way.

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