Feng Shui from the Pages of the Chinese Folklore

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The Laughing Buddha has always been symbolical of “the gentle easy way to integrate laughter” in the world of Feng shui. Adopted as a means to keep negativity at bay by thousands of people all across the globe who Buy Feng Shui Products Online the serene look emanated by the Buddha is one that spreads peace.

The history behind its advent:

Also known as the jolly Buddha or the Laughing Buddha, the real name of this entity is Hotei or otherwise known as Pu-Tai. A entity from the Chinese folklore, he is known to be a Chinese monk who lived about 1000 years back. Having become a renowned member of the Shinto culture, Hotei gained a lot of significance. It was primarily his soft and benevolent nature that led him to be considered as the re-incarnation of the Future Buddha. The name Laughing Buddha primarily originated from the jolly and cheerful nature that he had. A big protruding stomach and a constant smiling face is what became symbolical of the Laughing Buddha.

Legends that follow:

All through the passing years a Laughing Buddha has been an example of several attributes like prosperity, joy, contentment and several other positive aspects. There are often times when a Laughing Buddha is used as an example to evoke fun and laughter among loved ones or friends. Legend goes that Hotei was the patron of fortune tellers, bartenders and restaurateurs. Thus it is often said that rubbing the enormous belly of the Laughing Buddha can help bring you wealth and prosperity.

Role of the Laughing Buddha in the world of Feng shui:

The most potent role of a Laughing Buddha in the world of Feng shui is to bring about a balance in several attributes that are responsible in maintaining the harmony of your life. Feng shui plays emphasis on the positioning of the statue as per the directions concerned so as to bring about the desired changes in your surroundings. Among the several arenas of problems that are catered to by a Laughing Buddha, below enlisted are the prime ones:

1. A means to attract wealth.

2. A mode to resolve family tensions.

3. A remedy to betrayals and over top arguments.

4. An increased income along with an increase in windfall luck.

In case you have not immersed yourself in the magical charm and aura emitted by the presence of a Laughing Buddha at your home, its time you get hold of an Online Laughing Buddha Idol. After all, all that you need to do in the end is “Love as long as you breathe and love as long as you live”.

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