Feng Shui Redefines the Utility of a Brass Tortoise


Nowadays, you will find tortoise in all families who believe in Feng Shui or Vaastu Saastra. The tortoise is made up of Glass, Resins, Mud, Metals, Crystals or Wood. Tortoises made up of different materials are purchased and used to fulfil different objectives. For example, to achieve promotion in job, people use Antique Brass Kuber Tortoise or Brass Kuber Kachhap Yantra (tortoises made of brass). To overcome childlessness in a family, tortoises with two child tortoise on its back are used. To increase income and attain richness, crystal tortoises are used. To prevent ailments in the family, tortoises of mud are used. The tortoise should be kept in water to obtain the desired results.

Why the brass tortoise is so special?

According to Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui, the tortoise made of brass is regarded highly auspicious. It is a symbol of bright fortune and prosperity. It has the power to change the complexion of life of an individual. It not only ensures long life and prosperity but also removes obstacles in life and brings wealth, success, establishment and happiness. It is extremely beneficial for students who lack in concentration while studying. A student who lack in concentration must keep a brass tortoise on his/her study table. The brass tortoise demolishes all the negative energy in a family and generates fruitful positive energy which works wonders. But it must be used by following Feng Shui rules to reap all its benefits.

Directions for placement and benefit:

There are some Feng Shui rules which must be followed while placing the brass tortoise for obtaining specific benefits.

  • For career prosperity, the brass tortoise must be placed in the North sector of your home or office.
  • To ensure long life and well being of the family members, the brass tortoise must be placed in the East sector of the house.
  • To prevent dangers and accidents of the family members, the brass tortoise must be placed at the main entrance of the home facing outside.
  • To ensure prosperity in business, the brass tortoise must be placed in the North corner of the living room, dining room or office.
  • To overcome insomnia and check nightmares, the brass tortoise must be placed at the top of the bed.

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