Five Effective Tips for Puja Room in a Home

The temple is an integral part of our home and if structured in a right way, they can generate a lot of benefits in our lives and will fulfil all our desires. In the present complex scenario, we do not have time to visit temples every day to perform puja, which makes it vital to have a temple in a home to get positive outcomes in health, wealth, and relationship. It is really important to not just take care of the design of the temple but what to keep or what not to keep. PujaShoppe brings you a few tips to make your puja effective and successful.


Sun Rays and Fresh Air for a Temple

Any temple which is not accessible to sun rays and fresh rays is not considered auspicious according to various Hindu mythologies. The early morning sun rays are also beneficial for health and create a positive environment of the house. There is even a tradition of offering puja to the rising sun, making our day full of delights.

Sit Facing East To Perform Puja

You should always sit facing east, while worshiping to enhance the efficacy of your puja. To perform puja in that direction, puja room exodus should be built facing west direction. If you have designed your puja room in some other way or facing east while puja is not possible for any other reasons, then you should sit facing north to make your puja fruitful.

Keep Only Puja Related Stuff in the Temple

Do not take anything related to leather or shoes/slipper in the puja room or surrounded area. You should always maintain cleanliness of this area and only keep puja related things in the puja room. That’s the only reason the puja room should be proposed in a secluded corner of your home so that it doesn’t get grimy with irrelevant stuff.

Avoid a Toilet Near To Puja Room

It is really a depravity to have a toilet near to puja room and this structure can bring a lot of negativity in your life. Puja room and its surrounded area should be clean and full of peace. So, make sure there is no toilet below or adjacent to the puja room. If you have a small room and you are planning to have a puja room in that space, then you should at least find a place where you can comfortably sit down to perform puja without any kind of distraction.

Ring the Bell While Performing Puja

Bell or Ghanta plays an essential role in the puja and associated with the fact ‘to wake yourself up’. With the loud voice, it awakens the positivity around you. You should continuously ring the bell while doing regular puja or aarti and after puja, repeat the same while striding all over the house. The sound ofthe bell will summon the gods to assent your worship.

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