Get Rid of Negative Energy at Your Home with These Simple & Effective Steps

Have you heard of the saying, ‘Home Sweet Home’? It is, isn’t it? That is because we shed all our inhibitions and feel safe in our home, a place where we feel the most comfortable. The walls of our house are always there with us through thick and thin. From our emotional tears to the tears of joy, it has seen it all. According to our ‘Shastras’, the powerful emotions that we feel influences our environment. Our house is basically like a sponge, it absorbs all the energy, both positive and negative, of all the people who reside in the house and of the ones who visit. Hence, the accumulated energy has the strength to create a strong impact on the members of that household.

However, there is no need to worry or ponder about this factor seriously. Make sure you always cleanse your house to flush out all the negativity. Vaastu helps you completely cleanse the house without spending much money, thus creating a positive environment.

Sea Salt 

These sparkly crystals are the best way to get rid of all the negativity from your house. If you are someone who has several carpets laid down in your house, then just sprinkle some salt on the carpet and wait for an hour, vacuum it. Another alternative it to place a bowl filled with salt in the corners of your house. This will flush out all the negativity once and for all.


Sage leave help you prevent and get rid of negativity and balances the environment around you. Take a heat proof pot and light some incense sticks. Burn dry sage leaves in the pot, letting the smoke pass through you and surround the house. This also gives you emotional stability.

Keep your house alive 

Try to keep the windows of your house open, as much as you can. Fresh air brings in positivity. Make sure you regularly rearrange your furniture. Negative energy needs something to hold on to and when you rearrange things, it simply goes always. Always keep your environment happy. This is an ancient Feng Shui tactic to help stay away from negativity.

Camphor and cloves

Take a heat proof bowl and burn camphor and cloves together every morning and evening to get rid of all the negativity from your house and this will also help you improve your luck when it comes to monetary desires.


Cedar leaves are an incredible way to push away all the negativity from your house. Just take a heat proof bowl and burn some cedar leaves. Let this energy surround all the corners of the house. This also helps you declutter your mind.


Take some dry rosemary leaves and burn it in a heat proof bowl. This is not just good for your house, but good for your health also. It improves mental health, strengthens family bonds, gives you good sleep and of course throws away all the negativity.

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