Guide to Bless Your Car in the Right Way By Doing Car Pooja

car pooja

Did you buy a new car and you’re ready to take it for a spin? Well, don’t forget to bless it by doing a car puja with pooja items. Read on to know more.

One of the most cherished possessions of human beings is their houses or cars. The value they hold in our lives is unbelievable. When someone gets their first car, it is a sense of achievement for them. People invest a fortune when they buy a car. It may be the savings of a lifetime for some people, and some people will pay EMI, for a lifetime. Whatever the case may be, it is one of the most loved belongings of human beings. That is why you nee,d to bless a new car by worshipping it and doing the car pooja. It is very simple to do a car pooja, and for that, you need the right pooja items from the pooja samagri shop.

When you buy a car, you make a lot of preparations as well as spend a lot of money on customizing it. You want everything from the interiors to the decorations to be perfect. Similarly, you need to do perfect preparations for the car pooja. You need to get all the pooja things accordingly. In order to save time and efforts, you can also buy car puja kits online for the puja kits store. There are a lot of puja samagri store online in India that you can use to get spiritual frames, Buy Ganesha Car idols Online. There are a lot of puja items online stores in Delhi and you need to choose just one. Let us have a look at the process and things needed for car puja.

More the Puja Items that You Need for Car Puja:-

Car pooja is blessing your new car by blessing it and worshipping the deities. Doing this puja will keep your car safe and protect it from evil, prying eyes. It is a traditional ritual to bless every important new thing by blessing it. Let us have a look at the ingredients that you need to do this puja.

  • Lemons
  • Coconut
  • Dakshina to offer to the pandit who will chant the mantras and do the puja
  • And of course, the deity in the form of an idol or the photo frame to be kept in the car dashboard after the puja preferably Ganesha.

You can get all of these from the indian puja samagri store near me.

The Steps of the Puja:-

  • The owner of the car needs to be present at the puja. The pujari will give the holy water and he needs to accept it with his right hand.
  • The priest draws the swastika symbol with a paste of turmeric, vermillion powder, and water.
  • Then, the priest performs the puja accordingly and blesses the new car.
  • The idol of the Ganesh is kept at the appropriate spot.
  • You need to worship that daily.

That is everything you need to do about car puja. However, getting a priest in this cold season can be very tough, and that is why you can do priest booking online. Just visit Google and type book my pandit services online in Delhi near me. You can also check out the website of Pujashoppe to avoid any hassles.

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