Guru Purnima – What You Need to Know About this Festival?

Guru Purnima- pujashoppe

We should all know about the different festivals in India and since Guru Purnima is almost around the corner, let us learn a few things about the festival.

We celebrate Guru Purnima to honor academic and spiritual teachers. People of every religion and caste celebrate this festival in full swing as a tribute to the mentors who shape up their lives. This is to express your thankfulness and gratitude to their teachers. It falls on the month of Ashadha as per the Hindu calendar on the full moon day or Purnima. It marks the onset of the lunar cycle and the offset of the solar cycle. Guru Purnima is also the birthday of Veda Vyasa and that is why we also call it Vyasa Puja day or Vyasa Purnima. He was a character and the author of the great epic Mahabharata. Devotees celebrate it wholeheartedly with puja samagri

The Importance of Guru Purnima:-

This day is of great importance as Shiva became the Adi Guru on this day around 15,000 years ago. According to the story, there was a sudden appearance of a yogi in the upper Himalayas around that time. No one knew about his whereabouts or origins. He was nothing like an ordinary person or guru. There were no signs of life in him but ecstatic tears often fell down his cheeks. People slowly lost interest in him except seven men who were astonished by his approach.  After guiding them with preliminary steps he went into meditation again.

He opened his eyes again after doing Sadhana for 84 years and looked at the seven men. This was the day of Dakshinayana which is the Southern run of earth. These seven men became his admirer and he could not avoid them anymore.  Therefore, Shiva became their Adi Guru. These seven disciples were his Saptarishis. These Saptarishis later helped to spread his knowledge across the world. Devotees celebrate this day with puja kits online. 

Guru Purnima is also very divine in the yogic custom as Adiyogi’s guidance helped humans to believe that they can evolve. This was the origin of seven different and basic yoga forms. Get puja samagri online from the puja samagri store in India. 

The Tale of Guru Purnima:-

 On this day, the author of Mahabharata- Dwaipyana Vyasa was born to Satyavati and sage Parashara. That is why devotees also celebrate it as Vyasa Purnima with puja thali items from puja items online store in Delhi. 

During his lifetime, he brought together the Vedic hymns. He was also responsible for dividing them into four parts according to their uses in different rites. His four disciples Paila, Jaimini, Vaisampayana, and Sumantu later took this learning. The four divisions of the Veda are Rig, Yajur, Sama, and Atharva respectively. 

The Celebrations:- 

  • Devotees recite the Ashadha Sud Padyami and Brahma Sutra on this day.
  • various temples host this puja with puja items from puja items online store in India.
  • Disciples organize a grand feast and distribute Prashad amongst the people. 
  • They also recite different scriptures on this day. 
  • Devotees also sing kirtan, hymns, and bhajans.

These are everything you need to know about the auspicious festival of Guru Purnima. You can also do puja shopping online from the online store of Pujashoppe. Check out their website for more information. 

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