Here’s How Can You Worship Tirupati Balaji at Home

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Are you a devotee of Tirupati Balaji? Want to perform his puja at home? Here’s how to perform his puja with the right pooja items following the right vidhi.

Tirupati Balaji is believed to dwell in the seven hills known as the Tirumala. He is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu and is also identified as Lord Sriniwas, Venkateshwara, Venkatachalam, and Balaji. The name ‘Venkateshwara’ is given to him as he is the destroyer of all sins of every individual. This name can be split into different small terms in Sanskrit like ‘Ven’ which means destroy, ‘kata’ which means sin, and ‘ishwara’ which means the Supreme power. This is why his devotees perform his puja at home with all the required pooja items and also visit the temples of Balaji

Depending on the Hindu scriptures, Vedas, and Upanishads, it is strongly believed that Lord Tirupati Balaji appeared on this planet in the Kalyug for the upliftment and the salvation of humanity, and because of his love for the ones who believe in him strongly. He has the supreme powers of Lord Vishnu to destroy every sin and evil deed. People believe that the tirumala hill is a part of Mount Meru that was introduced on the earth by Garuda. And the seven hills signify the seven hoods of the cosmic serpent or Adi sheesh nag. This makes the hilly place so divine and auspicious. It is also believed that Balaji took a debt for his wedding from Lord Kubera. Till now, those who know this incident visit the temple of Tirupati Balaji in South India and donate cash with the intention of paying his debt.

He is also worshipped at home by his devotees. The puja is generally performed on Saturday in the Purattasi month. The worshippers buy all the required puja samagri online for performing his puja at home with perfection and complete devotion. They take bath early in the morning, offer angapradakshina, and then begin the puja. They keep a photo frame of Lord Balaji in the puja area and arrange the rest of the samagris around the frame in the right way. Kumkum is put on his toes, a garland is put around his neck, and then the purohit starts chanting the shlokas from the Vishnu sahasra naam. The devotees must perform the pujan wholeheartedly with faith and belief in Lord Venkatachalam. Once you start the puja, repeat each and every line of the mantras after the pandit chants the lines. The purity of heart is an essential ingredient of the puja.

In case if you visit the temple too for his darshan, step into the temple with complete faith in the Bhagwan. His darshan or his puja at home can fulfill all the desires of the worshippers.

This puja brings peace of mind and soul. It purifies the hearts from every sin and evil. He bestows his devotees always with prosperity. This pujan is simply miraculous and fills the life of the devotees with positivity. The puja helps to obtain spirituality. The ideas and thoughts of the worshippers become constructive and usher in self-realization. Perform this puja at your home to seek the blessings of the Lord and get these benefifts.

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