Here’s the Complete List of Havan Samagris Available Online

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Havan is performed before or during many Hindu poojas. Here is the complete list of the pooja samagris that are required to perform a homam or havan at home.

A homam or havan is said to be perfectly completed only when all the havan samagris are offered. Havan samagris and the other pooja samagris are offered by Pujashoppe in the form of kits as well as separately to make the arrangement hassle-free for the devotees.

Following is the List of Havan Samagris:-

Havan Kund: – Now, this is the item without which the havan cannot be completed. One can use a havan kund made up of pure copper or any other metal like brass available online. This is the samagri in which the fire is ignited to burn all the sins and evils by chanting the powerful mantras during the homam or havan. When the fire burns in the havan kund, the pandit keeps on adding ghee, etc to the fire.

Havan Samidhi Sticks: – This is another important samagris required for performing a havan or homam at home. The Puja Items Online Store offers the best quality havan samidhi sticks to offer oblations to the sacred fire or the havan.

Desi Ghee: – Desi ghee prepared from pure cow milk is an important havan samagri. It is believed that during the ritual, when pure ghee is added to the homam or the spiritual fire, the sins and the evils burn completely and with more power. One can buy pure ghee from the online pooja store along with the other havan samagris.

Mango Sticks: – Get eco-friendly mango sticks for performing the havan from the puja items online store. When these mango sticks are burnt, they release a chemical known as Formaldehyde that destroys all harmful bacteria, thus purifying the surrounding atmosphere and making the environment suitable for the sacred ritual.

Exotic Samagris for Performing the Havan: – Some of the exotic pooja things required for performing a havan with perfection include red sandalwood powder, lotus seeds, incense sticks, cow dung, ghee, camphor, black sesame seeds, nag kesar, and a few more samagris. All are available online as well as in the form of kits.

Cow Dung: – Cow dung is commonly known as gober. Not only required in havans but are also required in most of the Hindu rituals and yagnas. In the Vedic scriptures, it is mentioned that use of cow dung cakes in havan and other rituals purifies the surrounding when burnt in the holy fire of the havan.

This online puja samagri store has everything to complete the ritual perfectly at home. Buy the religious items online now and make the arrangement easier and hassle-free.

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