How is the Govatsa Dwadashi puja celebrated before Diwali?


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The Culture of Hinduism is an amalgamation of various festivals and traditions. The Govatsa Dwadashi puja is one of the significant festivals observed by the people throughout the country. This day is dedicated to the worship of cows with pooja products online as a gesture of thanksgiving and their help in sustaining human life.

Also known by the name of Nandini Vrat, people observe this festive ritual on the Hindu tithi of  Dwadashi, in the Krishna Paksha, which is the phase of the waning moon. According to the Hindu calendar, it falls on the Ashwin month, between October to November.  This ritual happens just the day before Dhanteras, in which people participate with immense enthusiasm, joy, and  Buy Puja Accessories Online. In Maharashtra, people refer to this day as ‘Vasu Baras’ while in Andhra Pradesh, people call it ‘Vagh Baras.’

The Significance of the Festival:-

On the day of Govatsa Dwadashi, people observe certain rituals with puja kit for all festivals. This day pays tribute to ‘Nandini,’ who is the divine cow. In the Hindu culture, cows are seen as a highly sacred animal, whom people respect as the holy mother. Cows are important because they give nourishment to human life. On this day, women observe the Nandini Vrat with online puja samagri to seek blessings from the Gau Mata. People believe that in doing this puja after puja shopping online, women will get the blessings of bearing beutiful children. While women keep this fast, they abstain from eating any wheat or dairy products so that God showers them with ample happiness and prosperity.  

The Puja Vidhi done with Puja Saman:-

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  • The worshipping of the cow begins early in the morning. After you bring the cow, give her a ceremonial bath, and apply vermillion tilak on her forehead. You can also start decorating the cow and their calves with bright clothes, flowers, and garlands and buy them from the Puja Items Online Stores
  • The devotees construct idols of cows along with the calves from mud and worship them with puja samagri. Then, adorn them with haldi and kumkum powder and paste along with the other pooja items bought at reasonable prices from the pooja samagri store. The priest will do an aarti in the evening. 
  • People give various kinds of offerings to the Gau Mata after the puja like religious puja gift items. Devotees offer Gram and sprouted moong to the cow, which is symbolic of Nandini on the Earth.
  • On this day, people also pray to Lord Shri Krishna for the well-being of the children. He is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and has profound gratitude for the cows.
  • Women who observe the Govatsa Dwadashi fast do not drink water, nor do they eat anything. They also refrain from any physical activity and stay awake throughout the entire night. They do pooja samagri online shopping for the puja and even do not sleep on the bed. 
  • In some states, people refrain from drinking the milk of the cow on this festive day. Some also do not eat curd and ghee on this day too. 

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