How Is the Pitru Paksha Puja Performed With Online Puja Samagri?

Online Puja Samagri

The Pitru Paksha is celebrated with online puja samagri bought from the puja items online stores. Read this blog for more information.

India is a land of rich culture where, within the Hindu tradition, people celebrate a lot of different festivals. Each of this festivals associates with specific rituals. According to the Hindu calendar, everyone celebrates the Pitru Paksha for 16 days with pooja items and pooja things. On this occasion, the Hindus pay homage to their deceased ancestors who reside in Pitruloka.

In Sanskrit, β€œPitru” means someone’s ancestors. Within the Hindu culture, people popularly believe that after death, the spirits of the dead bodies enter the Pitru Loka. This ‘the world of ancestors’ contain spirits who suffer from extreme thirst and hunger. As a result, people give offerings to them in the form of an elaborated Shraddh ceremony after buying from Puja Items Online Stores. You also know this occasion by the name of Mahalaya Paksha. This occasion honours all the lost souls who have left the face of the Earth but were once very close to their family. You can do this with online puja samagri.

The last day of this occasion is Sarvapitri Amavasya. On this day, you can perform the Shradh for all those who have deceased. The ritual of Tarpan also associates with Pitru Paksha and is done with puja items online. On this day, you have to feed all the brahmins and arrange for the pind daan only to please the dead.

The Ritual of Pitru Puja:-

Before conducting this puja, you have to remove all the negativity from your head. This is very essential to please the ancestors to the fullest. Make preparations for this puja after doing pooja samagri online shopping.

  • The eldest son of the family should take a holy bath, preferably in the waters of the river Ganges.
  • After taking the bath, the worshipper has to wear new, clean clothes and look fresh. You can do puja shopping online.
  • Then, you have to wear a ring made of kush grass. This kush grass signifies kindness and can invoke the ancestors.
  • During Pind Daan, you have to prepare balls gangajal, honey, rice, milk, barley flour and sesame seeds. Buy these ingredients from pooja samagri shop online.
  • You should also take the offerings of Lord Vishnu . Offer dharba grass to him to seek his blessings. Buy this from the puja store near me.
  • The food that you prepare for the Shraddh is now given to the crow. In the Hindu culture, the crow is deemed as the messanger of Yama.
  • Offer food to the brahmins and priests. Buy Indian puja thali online at affordable prices.
  • You can also read holy books like the tales of Nachiketa, Ganga Avataram, Garuda Purana and Agni Purana.
  • After the puja, have a good meal with the entire family.

The Three Fundamental Rituals which Marks this Occasion Include:-

Brahmin Feeding –

Before the Shraddh event gets completed, people offer food to the black crows.

Tarpan –

This is an offering prepared with white flour, barley, black sesame seeds, kusha grass and others. After doing this, you can eliminate the effect of kaal Sarpa Dosh.

Pind Daan –

Here the ancestors have offerings in form of cow’s milk, honey, rice and ghee.

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