How Swastika And Puja Chowiks Are Relevant To Each Other?

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The symbol of Swastika is faith to have holiness around the corners. To the Hindus, this brings luck but more than it is something, which brings harmony. Technically speaking the Swastik Pyramid has its relevance in the ancient Sanskrit texts as the messenger of optimistic features at any place. There is a wider scope as well as the need of understating why the swastika pyramid is so important to man in their life. Today, we will stress the importance of the Swastik among the Hindus for long decades.

Why is the Swastik so Relevant?

It was the Indus civilisation and the Rig Veda texts symbolising on this primitive symbol of Swastika, as it is being called in Hindi. It does have another name in Sanskrit, to be Svasti or Svastika. What the initials “SV” indicate it to be related “well” and the “ASTI” referring it with the “to be”.

In a way, “IK” suggest present and future aspects of life. Further goes the representation of “A” emphasising on a particular gender. Hindus, since a long time, have worshipped Goddess, a symbol of Shakti to bring fortune and good health in every aspect of life. This contentment further hopes on destroying evils to prevail goodness as a permanent victory.

What the structures resemble?

Sanskrit priests find a resemblance among the four corners of the Swastik Pyramid with that of the Vastu calculations. This is prior to the fact that the presence of this Godly Pyramid found naturally depicts a clockwise manner for the arm like figure making a right angle for each of the corners, which have an arms crossing at the centre. These four cardinal directions indicate north, east, south and west of a compass or a clock. Time and destiny are both sides of a coin showing happiness as well as prosperity in the end.

Various religions and the political perception have lifted this symbol for their own interest to be defined. Like the Nazis’s took it with a slanting 45-degree angle, making them defeaters. The rest of the Buddhism and Jainism used it in a straight way angle.

How the angles are equating vitality?

According to the Hindu mythological inscriptions, the right angle relates sacredness for its connection to God. This has been one among the 108 symbols of lord Vishnu. Again the left angle resembles the magical powers, the Shakti of Kali Devi, prayed for her strength to prevail righteousness by stopping the negatives. Often these pyramid structures are used upon the Puja Chowkis, marking them as the Naksha.

People who avail the technical affluence are also found buying the Online Puja Chowkis at home without making a visit to the nearby shops physically. Kind is the modern time, which is also making a steep competition for the cpanies in reaching their future benefits by going into the arena of mobile or computer. As a result, this brings the future understood from the cynosure of IK.

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