How to Celebrate the Auspicious Occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti.

Gurunanak Jayanti

The auspicious day of Guru Nanak Jayanti is here and it is one of the most important festivals for the Sikh people. Perform the worship with a puja kit.

Guru Nanak Ji- a remarkable man with exceptional views and beliefs were born only once. He was the first Sikh Guru of the Sikh community. Guru Nanak Sahib is the founder of the entire Sikhism culture. People celebrate the anniversary of his birth globally as Guru Nanak Jayanti or Gurupurab. It falls every year on the day of Kartik Pooranmashi which is the full moon day in the month of Kartik. This Guru Nanak Jayanti, learn how you can perform the rituals and follow his footsteps by curating your own puja kit.

Guru Nanak Ji travelled for miles with an aim to instil the belief of single god in every individual. Besides, he spent a majority of his life teaching the message that there’s only God who exists in everything that’s on this earth. One God dwells in every individual and every object on this planet. The only spiritual power that exists is love, unity and fraternity and it is the eternal truth. Learn more about the festival of Guru Nanak Jayanti.

The Significance of Gurpurab Festival:-

The festival of Guru Nanak Jayanti usually starts with Prabhat Pheris. The early morning processions or Prabhat Pheris starts from Gurudwaras in early mornings. Also, people usually dress up and sing hymns going around the locality. The pooja items are taken and distributed amongst each other. These pooja things can consist of a lot of things. During the Prabhat Pheris, people also carry a Sikh flag. The atmosphere of the gurudwaras is so spiritual as you will find puja saman everywhere.

Also, before the actual day, a procession which they refer to as Nagarkirtan is arranged. The leader of this procession is Panj Pyaras or the five beloved ones. They exchange divine items online as gifts to each other. You can find all kind of puja samagri online. The indian puja items that we require in Guru Nanak Jayanti are incense sticks, garlands, etc. You can buy Puja Accessories or products Online from any puja store in India. You need to arrange all the things in a nice thali. Search for Indian puja thali online and you will be able to get it in any pooja samagri store online.

Also, the main part of Guru Nanak Jayanti is langar which is the community lunch. The langar takes place in Gurudwara. People volunteer for it after the rituals are performed with premium pooja samagri or indian pooja items.

This is a small brief about Guru Nanak Jayanti. Get everything you want for this auspicious occasion from Pujashoppe. It is the best place to do puja shopping online.

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