How to offer worship to Suryadev in the morning?


Suryadev is also known as Atmakarma, where Atma means the soul and the Karma mean indicator. Surya is vital to our survival and bestows us with energy, light, and heat. Along with the Moon, it is the only deity that we can see every day. Suryadev is deliberated as giving life to the entire universe and puja is performed on Sunday. Suryadev is one of the prominent deities when it comes to Hindu religion and it is a major factor behind the influence of life on Earth. Sun indicates power, respect, vitality, the eyes, the heart, fame, status, honor and our ego.

There are many benefits of offering prayers to Suryadev every morning. It helps us boost our confidence and improve our communication. We get more peace in our lives and in our family life. It eliminates the negative effects of Grah Dosh and removes all sorts of hindrances in our personal and professional lives. It also gives us prosperity in health and wealth. If you aspire for success, courage, strength, good eyesight, prosperity, and sound health, then you should definitely offer worship to Suryadev.

The most important part of offering prayers to Suryadev is to take a bath to purify your soul, body, and mind. You can also fast throughout the day and offer prayers to Lord Ganesh. According to various scriptures, there are various items required to offer worship to Suryadev. You should also donate clothes to Brahmin after the puja procedure. The fasting is often endures from sunrise to next day sunrise if you are fasting on Monday.

You should also offer food and alms to Brahmin priest who is performing puja for you and things like Rudraksha mala, kumkum, mouli, Surya Yantra, hawan kund samagri, Prasad, ghee, fruits, betel leaves and coconut are needed to offer worship to Suryadev.

Steps to follow

  • Take a bath
  • Wear clean clothes when offering puja to the sun.
  • Offer your worship to Suryadev to the rising sun.
  • Keep your face toward the east or the rising sun.
  • Sprinkle some water on the head.
  • Pray to Ganesha and then Suryadev.
  • Fill water in the copper vessel only. You can also add honey or sugar for the better efficacy of your puja.
  • Pour water to the ground, concentrating on Suryadev. The ideal time to offer water is within one hour of sunrise. When pouring, look at the sun through the torrent of the water from the vessel you are holding.
  • Offer any flower or lotus if possible.
  • Put Chandan or red coloredtika on your forehead.
  • Listen to Aditya HridyaStotram or chant Gayatri Mantra.
  • You can also recite “Om Ghrinim Surya Adityamu” while offering water to the sun and recite this mantra for at least 11 times.
  • Meditate for some time, 5-7 minutes.
  • After done with pouring, touch your forehead with the water which is spread on the floor with your right-hand fingers and later repeat the same process before touching them on both eyes.
  • Don’t put your feet in the water.
  • You can eat fruits if you are fasting on Sunday.

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