How to prepare Kalash for puja?

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Kalash is a pot to carry water and is of great significance in Hinduism, especially in South India. It depicts various forms of Goddesses in most pujas. Silver or brass Kalash is normally used for many pujas. Many pujas are of no value if Kalash is not counted in and is deemed as indispensable element. Kalash is one of the major components of online divine gifts and sought for its propitious characteristics.

Significance of Kalash puja

The water in the Kalash represents life and the creation of this universe. Water gives us life and is the source of all forms. The mango leaves also represent the creation and the thread used in it represents love and peace holding people together.

Things required for Kalash puja- vastarm, flowers, dried fruits, rice, coins, mango leaves, coconut, water, kumkum, turmeric powder and a medium sized brass or silver pot.

  • Clean the pot with clean cloth and if possible, get a new cloth for this purpose.
  • Decorate the Kalash with kumkum dots and turmeric.
  • Fill the Kalash with gangajal or pure water.
  • Place the Kalash in the puja area.

During any specific puja-

  • Wash the pot with water and clean it with any new cloth.
  • Decorate the Kalash with turmeric powder paste and kumkum dots.
  • Fill the Kalash with Ganga jal.
  • Put dry fruits, uncooked rice and coins in the Kalash.
  • Decorate the neck of the Kalash with mango leaves.
  • Decorate the coconut with sandalwood paste, turmeric and coconut.
  • Place the coconut over mango leaves.
  • Tie an unstitched cloth or thread around the Kalash.
  • Use flowers or garlands to decorate the pot.
  • Light the diya and burn incense both the sides of Kalash.
  • Recite the below given mantra 108 times after you are done with Kalash puja.
  • Meditate for about 15 minutes requesting Lord Ganesha to fulfil all your wishes.

You can also attach Lord Ganesha to the pot to intensify its auspiciousness or you can also go for swastika or riddhi siddhi in place of Lord Ganesha. It will be of the same significance.It will help augment the value of your puja and will bring lots of prosperity to your life and career.

Kalash puja Mantra

Om Dhanyamasi Dhinuhi Devan Pranayatvodanaya Tva Vyanaya Tva।

Dirghamanu-Prasitimayushe Dyam Devo Vah Savita Hiranya-Panih।

Prati-Gribhnatvachchhidrena Panina Chakshushe Tva Mahinam Payoasi।

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