How to Put A Coconut on A Kalash During Chaitra Navaratri?

ghat sthapana

The procedure of Ghat Sthapana is done with puja samagri after doing puja shopping online. For more information, read this in detail.

Ghat Sthapana is the ritual of arranging a Kalash during any puja. The Kalash is a significant religious pot for every puja that we do with puja kits online. The Hindu culture hails the Kalash as a very pious object. It is a pot that carries the holy Gangajal water. Most pujas are of no value at all. You can either get silver or brass Kalash, and people buy it from puja items online stores. The entire procedure of decorating the Kalash happens during an auspicious time, according to the tithi. 

One such occasion where Ghat Sthapna is extremely important is during the auspicious Chaitra Navaratri.  It is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. The festival goes on for nine long days and falls in the month of March-April. Chaitra Navaratri worships and honours the strength of Goddess Durga. She is the epitome of power and strength. During this festival, we ask for her blessings to fight against the odds. She also reminds us to be honest and not compromise our morale. In this blog, we will learn how to put coconut on the Kalash during this auspicious occasion.

The Main things You Need from the Pooja Samagri Shop In India for the Decoration of the Kalash are As Follows –

  • A coconut
  • A Kalash
  • Nine types of food grains
  • Mango leaves
  • Vastram
  • Flowers
  • Coins
  • Dry fruits
  • Kumkum and turmeric powder

The Procedure of the Kalash Sthapana Done with Pooja Products Online Is As Follows:

  • First, one has to use the Sunna or the lime to draw a line right in the middle of the pot.
  • Decorate the Kalash with kumkum and turmeric paste.
  • Now, arrange the mango leaves on the container. One has to immerse 1/4th of the leaves from the stalk in the holy water. These leaves are Premium pooja Samagri, which one can buy puja items online.
  • Next, the coconut has to be cleaned with water to remove all the extra husks.
  • After washing the coconut with water, one has to place the pointed edge of the coconut on the Kalash, facing the sky.
  • Over that, one has to decorate with flowers or place a string of flowers along with online puja samagri. 
  • The Kalash has to be placed right in front of the deity bought from the pooja items store in India

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