Importance and Benefits of Crystal in Fengshui

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Crystal ball used in Fengshui has the capability to balance the energy of harmony and considered as the superior shape due to its spherical shape. It can bestow the environment with constant motion, smooth and harmonious energy. You can also buy crystal gift items online and gift them to your friends and family members. Its liquid property will neutralize the negative effects and will transform it into positive energy. It can be kept in the living room or any other area which is a conduit of all other rooms to soothe and clear the energy. Here are some directions in which you can keep Fengshui crystal and their benefits-

  • Place it in the west direction of your home to get rid of all financial problems.
  • Place it in the east direction to bring harmony to home. It is very effective to remove misunderstandings among family members.
  • You can also hang it from the rear view mirror to say goodbye to all negative energies.
  • Keep it in the northeast of a kid’s room to help him or her get success in all his/her upcoming exams or any other endeavour.
  • Keep it in the corner of the entrance to bring success and wealth to your home.
  • Keep it in the entrance or opposite your main door to not let any kind of negative energy enter your home.
  • Place it in the southwest corner of the bedroom to enhance love and romance or to avoid any kind of misapprehension.
  • Place it in the northwest of your office to build strong relationship with your business partner.

Some of the common associations of crystal with directions

  • Heart of the home- Center
  • Children and creativity- West
  • Personal growth- Northeast
  • Love and marriage- Southwest
  • Career and life path- North
  • Travel and safety- Northwest
  • Fame and success- South
  • Prosperity and abundance- Southeast
  • Family and health- East

Most effective Fengshui crystals

  • Tigers Eye– It will protect you from evil things and will also bestow you with strength.
  • Jade– It is must to bring good health and wealth in life. It has a long history of use in China.
  • Amethyst– It is used for personal growth in terms of success, career and good health. Keep it in your bedroom for effective results.
  • Rose quartz– It is best to keep if you are facing any kind of relationship problems or on the verge of getting divorce. Keep it in the bedroom.
  • Clear quartz– Keep it to help declutter your mind from all kinds of negative thoughts and it will work with all family members.

Its ability to split a beam of light and send radiations in many directions makes it effective to balance the energy. It is an ideal protection from negative energies and is a powerful magnifier of your intention. It is not just a keeper but considered effective when given to others as well. You can buy Crystal Divine Gifts for your loved ones and bequeath them with good health and prosperity.

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