Importance and Benefits of Shravan Somwar Vrat

pooja items buy onlineShravan Vrat / Fasting is observed every Monday of the fifth month in the Hindu Calendar. This month is known as Shravan or Savan. This month got the name Shravan because of the constellation that appears during this period. Shravan month is extremely sacred in the Hindu Culture. It is said that in this period every year, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and Lord Vishnu bestow their auspicious blessings on their most sincere devotees. This month also witnesses some important festivals such as Raksha Bandhan, Hariyali Teej, and Naag Panchami.

During this month, people observe Shravan Somwars for Lord Shiva. He is showered with special attention in Shravan as it is said that Lord Shiva gets pleased and bestow his devotees with his blessing during this month.

One must follow the proper rules and regulations when it comes to performing the fast and the puja to please the Lord. When done right, it will really be beneficial for you. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are mainly worshiped during this month. During this period, one must shower the Lord with love and adoration. Apart from that, you must offer Lord Shiva’s favorite food, flowers etc. and decorate your Mandir to perfection.

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Below are the Steps on How to Perform the Vrat:

  • Always wake up early in the morning and finish cleansing yourself before you start your prayers.
  • Go to a Shiv temple and give him a bath with water or milk. If that is not possible, then you can perform the Abhisheka at Home.
  • Clean your Mandir thoroughly. Place the idol of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together and adorn them with flowers, jewelry etc. However, first, offer your prayers to Lord Ganesh and then proceed. You can even buy pooja thali online as they are extremely good-looking and will add some spark to your Prayers.
  • Before you begin your first fast, it is mandatory that you take a Sankalp saying you will perform the fast with all your devotion and with complete Faith.

The Mantra for Sankalp is ‘Mam Kshemastaryavijayarogyay shavya vibhurdyartham somavratam karishyay’. Always strive to maintain this Sankalp.

  • Offer the Lord mantras such as ‘Om Namah Shivay’ or the ‘Maha Mrityunjay Mantra’ after lighting the diyas and the incense sticks.
  • You can also wear a Rudraksha Mala or use one for your prayers.
  • During the Fasting Period, avoid eating your regular food. You must opt for Sabudana Khichdi, Potato Fries, Suji Halwa, various Fruits, Milk etc.
  • Once again in the evening, clean the Mandir and begin your prayers. Do this after taking a bath and cleansing yourself.
  • All of you performing this fast must read and recite Somwar vrat katha. This step must not be skipped because your fast will be incomplete without this.
  • After the Katha, you must recite the Aarti.
  • In the evenings, before the prayers and after your bath, prepare the prasadam. It is usually a sweet dish, but make sure you don’t taste it before offering to the Lord. The prasadam must be pure. After the Aarti, distribute the prasadam to all your family and friends.
  • After this, one can Break their Fast.

Benefits of Shravan Vrat

Performing the Shravan Vrat is extremely beneficial for you and your family. Lord Shiva is extremely kind to all his devotees during this month. After keeping this vrat, you will notice all your difficulties starting to vanish. You will start feeling at ease and all your tensions will leave you. It is said that when an unmarried woman keeps this vrat, she will meet the man of her dreams. For all the married women who fast during Shravan, they are blessed with a long and a healthy life for themselves and their family. Lord Shiva appreciates all the love and affection that his devotees show him. When you follow this vrat with all your heart, you are blessed with immense wealth and prosperity. Lord Shiva also helps you fulfill all your dreams and he gives you a happy life.

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