Importance of Sharad Purnima and Common Rituals Performed

Sharad Purnima

Sharad Purnima is around the corner and it is time to welcome the ritual with open arms. Indulge in puja shopping online to start the preparations in full swing.

Among the 12 Purnaminas that fall in a year according to the Hindu calendar. Sharad Purnima is one of the most famous. It signifies the beginning of the harvest festival and the end of the monsoon. As per the Gregorian calendar, October is the month when Sharad Purnima falls. Devotees welcome this Purnima in the Ashwin month keeping in mind. The Hindu custom and it is mostly dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi as the other name of the ritual is Kojagori Purnima. Arrangements for worshipping Maa Lakshmi starts with pooja samagri online shopping from reputed puja kits stores in India

1. Beliefs and Traditions Regarding Sharad Purnima:-

  • According to beliefs, on this day the moon shines with all its Kalas and hence has a special significance. Newlywed women who plan on observing Purnima fasting start their fast from this day. Also, those women who are unmarried keep fasts as this increases their probability of getting married soon. Sharad Purnima is also popularly known as “Raasleela Purnima” in the Brij region. On this day, God Lord Krishna performed Maha-Raasleela which is the divine dance of love and attachment. 
  • Kojagari Purnima is yet another ritual that is extremely famous that occurs on Sharad Purnima. Devotees worship Goddess Laxmi with divine gifts,  arrange brass puja items, spiritual gold plated frame of Laxmiji, and also other essential puja samagris. 

2. Rituals Followed on Sharad Purnima:-

  • There are various ways of observing Sharad Purnima and differs from one region to another and also from one custom to another. For unmarried girls, the day starts with welcoming the Sun God at sunrise with kula which is a vessel made out of c coconut leaves. The kula consists of fried paddy and 7 other fruits like banana, guava, coconut, sugarcane, betel nut, and cucumber. The ritual proceeds with an Aarti and after this, the women break their fast with a dish made from the above-mentioned fruits, jaggery, and fried paddy. The first offer this to the Moon followed by the Tulsi plant and then consumes it.  
  • Devotees who perform the Kojagiri Purnima, observe the Kojagara Vrata. People keep fasts on this day until moonlight after which they worship Goddess Lakshmi. Who blesses her devotees with wealth, riches, and prosperity. According to beliefs, she descends down on the earth from Heaven to visit the houses of her most favorite devotees which brings them good luck. Devotees prepare kheer on this day and keep it in direct moonlight because the moonlight drips an elixir of life called Amrit. This kheer is then distributed among bhakts as prasads. 

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