Important things You Need to Know About Griha Pravesh Puja

Griha Pravesh Puja

Did you buy a new house? Are you preparing for Griha Pravesh Puja? To conduct the ritual properly book pandits for puja in Delhi and other states from a reputed platform.

Buying a new house is indeed a cause for celebrations. In India, the first thing that Hindus perform is the house warming ritual that is most popularly known as the Griha Pravesh puja. All homeowners perform this puja with complete devotion and worship Lord Narayan with divine gifts items and puja samagri bought online. 

1. Why is Griha Pravesh Puja Important?

  • According to Vastu Shastra before entering a new house it is important to conduct this puja. Along with it, house owners should also perform a havan to prevent harmful influences of the planets, remove negative energy, and create a peaceful atmosphere. This puja is a prayer ritual of gratitude. The common belief is all residential places are alive with hidden entities and thus prayers are the only way to purify the space. Hence Griha Pravesh puja is of utmost importance. 
  • The months of Phalgun, Magha, Vaisakha, and Jyeshtha are auspicious times to arrange for this puja. You should always remember to not perform Griha Pravesh puja in the Chaturmasya which includes Shravana, Ashadha, Bhadrapada, and Ashwin.
  • Hindus strive on various omens and abide by these in order to stay clear of any negatives and ill effects. So while selecting the dates and days for the housewarming puja, they also need to keep in mind not to observe it on Tuesdays and Saturdays or on Amavasya and Purnima. These days are inauspicious and hence according to Vedic experts, you should stay away. 

2. Puja Procedures and Rituals Involved:-

  • The puja takes place on the confirmed date according to the purohit’s verdict who scans for the correct muhurat to perform the pious ritual. On this day, Satyanarayan puja is the main attraction. Worshipping of Lord Vishnu takes place with essential puja samagri, puja kits where devotees thank the Lord for all the happiness he has given them. 
  • This puja protects you from upcoming evil and governs you to walk on the righteous path of truth and goodness. 
  • Along with Satya Narayan Puja, Kalash puja is also another important aspect that holds extreme significance. In this ritual,  devotees fill a pot or a Kalash made of copper or brass with nine types of crops. Additionally placing a coconut on top of the pot and marking it with a Swastika symbol is an important custom. 
  • After the puja ends. It is mandatory to stay in the house for at least three days and not leave the house empty. 

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