Interesting Facts About Holi That You Will Love To Know


Make your Holi celebrations a special one with extensive arrangements & divine gift items shopping. Learn some interesting facts about Holi here.

All Hindu festivals have regional variations but there is one such festival that has similar celebrations all across 28 states of India. Yes, we are talking about Holi, one of the most ancient festivals of all time. It is a sight to watch when people embrace each other and take part in the celebrations. They make merry and have fun forgetting all the distinctions between cassette, color, and creed. Visiting relatives’ places arranging puja items, and indulging in puja samagri shopping online for Narayan puja at home are some common practices. In addition to India, citizens of Nepal, South Africa, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States, also have extensive Holi celebrations.

The auspicious festival of Holi falls on Phalgun month’s Shukla Purnima. This year, it falls on the 28th and 29th of March. The festival of Holi is popular for its power to grasp everyone from young to old with its jubilant spirit.  Moreover, the festival signifies the arrival of spring, the end of winter, the blossoming of love. It gives an opportunity to forgive people and mend bitterness in relationships. This is the most revered festival among not only the Hindus but everyone all across the world.

Some Interesting Facts About The Festival Of Colors-holi:

  • The festival of Holika Dahan starts a night prior to the actual day of Holi celebrations. The lighting of the pyre happens anywhere between 8 pm and midnight. Everyone gathers around the fire to watch it and have their favorite food. Thus, it signifies the winning of good over evil. Children too enjoy and make merry. 
  • Lakshmi puja and Indra puja are auspicious rituals that devotees perform on this day. While Krishna puja is also popular in Northern states. With online puja services, it is easy to arrange and complete the ritual under the guidance of knowledgeable;e pandits. 
  • Devotees take part in Rang Panchami on the fifth day of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Phalguna. It is similar to that of Holi and celebrated with splashing colors and gulal on one another. Commonly celebrated among certain sections of society, it has a profound significance among all. A traditional palki dance is the center of attraction of Rang Panchami especially in the temples of Bihar, Vrindavan, Delhi, and Mathura. 

So, as the festival of colors is approaching close, make sure you have tons of colors to smear your lobed ones’ with. Also, for an auspicious start, book pandit online and shop for God photo frames for Holi. Reach out to Puja Shoppe to make your experience a pleasant one with their religious services.

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