ISKCON Devotes In The Prayers On Narasimha Jayanti

When one of the trustees at ISKON talks of the presence of a man with the face of a lion being the most important incarnation of Lord Krishna, John, a new devotee amazingly looked for more information. I knew John William, now John Natarajan Ved, a budding entrepreneur of mass media who took a revolutionary step in his life by declaring a conversion to Hinduism. For the disciple insisted on being known by a Hindu name.

Towards A Meaningful Life:

Only after he decided to make a visit in search of peace at the temple of ISKCON he quitted his success of 5 years investing in his business. Anyway, the rites and proceedings need some special mention with people engaging in the present. Maybe this is what compelled him to send me a letter and a Rudraksha mala out of his online corporate gifts purchase.

  • About the Narasimha Jayanti:
  • The Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi marks for the celebration of Narasimha Jayanti where Lord Vishnu, resembled with the form of Krishna appeared in a half lion – half man forms aiming to kill the demon Hiranyakashipu. The day if falling on the Saturday of the month, clashing with the Swati Nakshatra, claimed as auspicious. Thus on such weekends, business entrepreneurs could feel positive in their mind and soul.
    The motive behind this rupa or avatar was to break the evils in the form killing the demon un-harming the future existence of man on earth. Even the Lord was seen fasting on the day as claimed by the ancient texts.

  • The Puja Vidhi:
  • The Puja Is Commenced With The Sun Setting On The Day Of Chaturdashi, Objectively To Restore Dhamma. Vedic Texts Have Mentioned Devotees Should Sanctify Themselves By Taking A Bath Early On The Brahma Muhurat And Should Be Dressed In Newer Clothes. After a whole day of fast people are eating cereals or grains on the next sunrise. During the Puja, priests utter the Slokas carrying a Rudraksha Mala pleasing the deity. Thus, require them to buy online divine gifts to fetch the rudraksha mala.   It is said if people perform such a step alone then they could attain a meaningful life.
    Gifting and charity work is done on this day. Similarly, the head seen gifting a gold pleated idol of Narasimha to John, which he said, was purchased taking help of the internet under the tagging of online corporate gifts.

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