Kajari Teej – A Widespread Community Puja Dedicated To Lord Krishna

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Originated among the Hindu clan of the Indian subcontinent, Kajari Teej is a festival that is widely celebrated by the Hindu women across the country. Celebrated on the third day of the divine Shiva Purnima, Kajari Teej is said to bring about well-being and prosperity in the lives of the individuals who celebrate it. Two other Teej festivals that are performed are – The Hariyali Teej and the Hartalika Teej. You can buy puja samagri online to get your rituals performed with ease.

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan are among a few common states where women carry out the rituals of Kajari teej. This festival is generally known to be dedication to the mighty Lord Krishna. The rituals related to the teej generally begin with a puja with the entire community that gathers and prays around a neem tree. Elder women who seem to have a greater deal of knowledge about the rituals that need to be a carried out perform the major part of the puja while the younger lot of women try following the same. The availability of puja items online has made it easier for women to cater to their ritualistic needs.

Specialities of the Kajari Teej celebrations

The state of Rajasthan is known to witness a wide range of colourful processions during the tie of the festival. Though strange, but swings do form a very vital part of the entire celebration. Women rejoice themselves by indulging in various forms of dance and music and take turns while sitting on the swing. The speciality of the songs that are sung on the day lies mainly in the words of praise that are meted out for Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha.

Speaking of the rituals, one of the most vital ritual that is carried out on the occasion of Kajari Teej is the worship of the Vat Briksha or the Nyagrodha Tree. As per the Vedic texts, this tree is considered to be the tree of knowledge that bestows enlightenment on one and all. Married women observe a day long fast in their parents’ home and shop for new apparels and accessories to wear during the festivities.

Mythological reference

Mythology states that Kajari teej signifies the union of Goddess Parvati with Lord Shiva. The story goes that Parvati reached the abode of Lord Shiva after a hard penance of about hundred years during which period even the Lord was in deep meditation.

Through time, Kajari Teej has carved out a vital place for itself in the list of notable rituals of the Hindu calendar.

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